Tuesday, July 13, 2010

127. Lateral ear canal resection - Cocker Spaniel

Dog went home 4 days after surgery as I wanted the owner to save veterinary costs.
35 maggots 1 cm long in left lateral ear below the horizontal canal 14 days later.
Drainage cartilage eaten away. Ear and e-collar full of blood.

"Was the dog outdoors?" I asked.
"Yes," the mother said.
"Any flies buzzing around the dog? There is a strong smell of maggot wound."
"No flies," the mother said.
"Yes," the teenaged daughter replied.

I had to ward the dog for treatment. 20 maggots extracted out. Negasunt powder given. After 3 days of antibiotics and anti-inflam treatment, the wound was fresh red. I phoned for permission to close up the wound. Permission given.

The dog's wound looked wet and yellowish. Some 15 maggots still were around. Maggots removed. Wound stitched. Drainage tube.

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