Friday, June 4, 2010

Puppy with loose stools for a long time may get intussception

It is not normal.

Silkie was active and eating well, but passes loose stools since purchase 2 weeks ago and prior to purchase. When the puppy passes red blood, the parents and grown up childen consulted me.

Why and how to cure him?

1. It is not normal for the puppy to pass loose stools every day when fed dry food.

1. Stress
2. Vaccination by the owner
3. Licking floors and objects
4. Given variety of puppy treats

"My puppy had diarrhoea for one month," my outspoken intern said. "He was OK after that. The breeder said it was due to vaccination."

"Loose stools is not normal," I inserted a cotton bud into the rectum to take stool sample. Fresh red blood stained the cotton bud.

"Now there is red blood. It may be parvoviral attack of the intestines. I got the parvoviral test done. It was negative. In this case, it would be professional negligent not to do the test in puppies having blood in the stools," I taught my assistant Mr Saw.

"Sometimes the vet does not think it is necessary," I said. "If the puppy dies a few days later when sen home, a complaint might be lodged with the authorities. The first question would be whether the puppy had parvoviral infection?"

As an example,I told him to test the 3 puppies sent in by the breeder. All breeders want the least veterinary cost and parvoviral tests cost money and some don't want parvoviral testing. Mr Saw did the 3 tests. One of them tested positive for puppies.

Later the intestines may telescope into each other resulting in lots of bloody stools and a need to operate. The condition is rare and is called intussception."

I had seen one case. Palpation of the abodomen can reveal a telescoped lump of small intestines. This puppy may have the start of intsussception. No X-rays are taken due to economic reasons. Puppy remained active.

Warded for 3 days.
IV drip, antibiotics and dry food.

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