Wednesday, June 30, 2010

116. The sucessful businessman and his 4 rabbits

Not all businessmen can be successful in global business. It is inspiring to meet one as they don't have much time for people who don't have any purpose in meeting them.

As my friend Khin Khin wanted some pricing info on shipping of diesel from Malaysia to Myanmar, I e-mailed him. He replied within 24 hours to say he would be back in Singapore on Jun 28, 2010 and we could talk further.

He has been in the shipping business for over 15 years and built ships. So, he was the right person to contact. On Jun 29, he messaged me apologising for the short notice, to meet at Amara Hotel to watch the soccer game between Paraguay and Japan yesterday evening and so I had to finish my dinner to go.

He introduced me to his friends as the vet who sterilised his four rabbits. "Before sterilisation, one male used to mount the female. The other female was jealous and bit the female. After sterilisation, all four became friendly and co-exist!"

It was good to know his rabbits were OK. How does one become a successful businessman globally?

1. High energy
2. Not needing many hours of sleep.
3. Able to be awake past midnight and get up to work the next morning.
4. Takes 2 hours to answer 400 - 500 e-mails.
5. Able to drink whiskey with clients. Also smoke.
6. Has a tremendous network of contacts.
7. Be a road warrior.

He loved chess and was playing a few games with his friends. One friend I would remember was a chess teacher who told me that he would be getting toe pain of gout the next day. But drinking a lot of water would alleviate the pain in his toes. He ate peanuts and fried chicken wings. He did not believe in taking anti-gout medication and so he just had to endure the toe pain the next day. I don't know whether he would get uric acid stones in his kidneys later but he was not worried.

As for me, I felt sleepy towards midnight. The businessman excused me and I left.

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