Monday, June 14, 2010

100. Large Cheek tumour in an old Schnauzer

June 14, 2010 4.30 pm.

Completion of a mouth tumour surgery in a fat old dog with purplish tongue.

Dog: Schnauzer X, Male, Not neutered, 11 years old. Born: 1999

Complaint: Bad breath.

June 8, 2010 Admitted
12.6 kg, 38.9 deg C.
Blood test, Grooming, Baytril and drip.
Liver SGOT/AST above normal.
Urea and Creatinine below normal.

Jun 9, 2010 Dental
Anaesthesia Domitor 0.2 ml IV. Isoflurane gas. Extracted 15 rotten teeth

Jun 14, 2010 Right cheek tumour excision - bigger than 50 cent coin size.

IV drip
For Old Dog
Domitor 0.2 ml IV
Zoletil 100 0.1 ml IV
I saw dog trembling slightly
Atropine 0.65 mg/ml given 0.5 ml IV
No tremors.

Surgical Anaesthesia last around 30 minutes
Lots of bleeding.
2/0 stitch up mucous membranes of hard palate to cheek.

Tumour is much less swollen and rounded due to antibiotics. More disc-shaped. Easier to excise now than if done on Jun 8, 2010.

Antisedan 0.2 ml IV. Dog woke up as if nothing had happened.

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