Thursday, May 20, 2010

73. Big hard lump on right hip: 4 month old Syrian hamster

The young lady came from Bukit Batok.
"The vet did not accept my case," she replied as she was living quite far from Toa Payoh. Hamsters are not favoured by many vets.

Hard lump palpated around right hip. Disc-shaped 1.5 cm x 1 cm.
"Any other hamster biting her?" I asked.
"She lives alone."

A tumour? Unlikely. Too young.
I suspect it was a puncture wound (cage wire?)
Such cases are best hospitalised, given oral medication for 2-4 days rather than rush into surgery. This is a very young hamster and she may not survive the stress of surgery.

Day 2. Lost weight by 4 g. Sleeping during day time. Reviewed again at 3.58 pm. bright sunshine. took a picture. Pretty photogenic. Unusual case as there was no other hamsters.

I asked my assistant to check no. of faecal pellets passed per 24 hours and to give medication.

In retrospect, she could have been bitten prior to purchase and the bacteria infection developed under the skin over several weeks, resulting in a plate-like lump of pus. When did she buy her?

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