Monday, May 24, 2010

72. Male dog barking. 6 months. Success story toilet training

Barking male dogs

In Singapore, barking male dogs are commonly encountered. I describe 2 cases of male dogs I have just neutered in the last 2 days.

Problem: Social nuisance in the HDB apartment neighbourhood.

1. Jack Russell male, 5 years. Barking non-stop. When he sees another dog, he barks loudly at them, trying to get at them. In the surgery, he was to be vaccinated but he barked ferociously at the other dogs in the waiting room.

"This dog must be a noise nuisance at home," I said to the mother who is over 50 years old. "I know my neighbours for over 20 years. None has complained to me."

The domestic worker shook her head and said. "They are complaining about the barking." It is difficult for neighbours to sleep when this dog barks a lot. The mother agreed to neutering.

This male Jack Russell barked every second at the surgery where he was warded for 5 days for post-neutering care. Too good a chance to miss as there were other patients facing him.


Shih Tzu, Male, 6 months.

Problem: Barks loudly at 8 am nowadays. Owner bought him in for neutering.

Breakfast at 7 am. Pees and poop on grate + pee pan.
Put back into the playpen as lady has to work and he mum has to do house-work. Barks at 8 am. May disturb neighbours.

Male dog matures at 6 months. Starts to dominate
"He is mature now and knows barking will get him out of the playpen," I advised. "Neutering must be done together with obedience training."

Oral commands: "Quiet," or "No barking". The lady owner will grip the muzzle before saying one of the two commands.

Advice: "Just say 'No barking' in a firm voice, grip the muzzle and give a light tap." The gentle lady was not too keen on tapping the dog. For male dogs, a more assertive training is needed.


I could follow up this toilet training case because the lady owner told me that earlier, she had e-mailed to me for toilet-training advice. Her puppy was confined inside a playpen and given a grate + pee pan. Sometimes he would pee and poop outside the grate after one month. I had replied that the grate + pee pan would be soiled and so the puppy would not step onto it later. If she had no time to clean the soiled grate or remove the poop, she should buy a second grate + pee pan. She bought another one.

Secrets of success
1. Confinement for over 1 month in the playpen unless supervised.
2. 2nd grate + pee pan.
3. Immediate removal of morning stools and cleaning the grate with an enzymatic disinfectant. Nowadays, the dog seldom use the second grate + pee pan. He poops 2-3X/day and pees on the grate.
4. Sleeps inside the playpen at night. See floor plan in image.
5. Lots of training and patience.
6. When let out, watch for signs of elimination (turning, sniffing) closely. Pick up puppy quickly and put onto the grate.
7. Take leave to train the puppy in the first 2 weeks or ask mum to help.
8. Feed bowl put inside cage. Remove soon after eating. No free feeding.
9. Routine. Eats at am and 7 pm. Poops at 7.30 am, 11.30 am or 7.30 pm or 10 pm.

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