Thursday, May 13, 2010

63. What to do when one can't lower cholesterol level?


I hope you will be able to help me find out what are the alternatives to Lipanthyl 160 which does NOT work in reducing cholesterol. The family doctor did mention taking red brewer's yeast at one's risk or nicotine. Nicotine was said not to be that effective and said that it is better to use Lipanthyl than nothing. He said that cholesterol level would have shot higher if not for the use of Lipanthyl. I do not agree but said nothing. This drug is practically useless and causes liver damage. However, what can one advise a person who has no means of lowering the cholesterol level?

So, last month in Perth, I bought the last 2 bottles of red brewer's yeast. Apparently they were hot sellers after a TV advert, according to one retail person of a health shop.

Then I checked the internet. It was actually a statin. So, the person who takes it may die or go into a coma since she had shown severe side effects of statin use in the first place.

I ask for your help. Is there an effective drug alternative to statin? Or another method involving change of lifestyle. I read one journal - a person claimed that he ate certain nuts and his cholesterol level went back to normal.

Please let me know if you will do research and let many readers know what to do. If you discover something, you may be able to be self employed and smell the roses, just like the sellers of red brewer's yeast.

Best wishes.

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