Sunday, May 2, 2010

48. Puppy playpen + 2 pee pans bought. What to do?


Pembroke puppy brought in for examination as the pet shop seller gives a 24-hour guarantee.

1. If the puppy is medicated against diarrhoea or kennel cough, the disease of parvovirus and kennel cough cannot be seen sometimes. The owner must be aware of this fact. Parvoviral diseases take several days to show the symptoms. A parvo-viral faecal test may be done.

2. Pembroke Corgi with long tail. This is normal, I said to the owner.

3. House-training. The pet shop sold the owner a playpen which can enclose a pee pan and a bottle of puppy training liquid. He also sold another pee pan. "What advices did the Seller give you?" I asked. "Why is there an extra pee pan?".

It is a pity that Puppy Sellers in Singapore don't co-operate to provide detailed information on how to use the tools sold to house-train the puppy. Puppy house-training books written by Caucasians are many but they seldom have the detailed relevant explanations as for this case.

This will be an opportunity for vets to create goodwill by providing the information but this is seldom done too as it takes around half an hour to explain how to do it and a long queue is waiting on a busy Sunday. Use drawings.

4. I had taken a photo of my illustrations and explanation. Will upload at later. Maybe a book will be better. But is there a demand for such a book?

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