Sunday, April 25, 2010

Microchip error from the vet?

--- On Sat, 4/24/10, Joanne Woo wrote:

From: Joanne Woo
Subject: Error in microchip number
Date: Saturday, April 24, 2010, 4:09 AM

Dear Dr. Sing,

We spoke on the phone earlier regarding the wrong microchip number given to me when I first brought my dog, Oreo to be vaccinated and microchipped at your clinic on 30 March 2008.

Basically, I found that the microchip implanted in my dog has a different number from the bar code that is pasted on his first vaccination form. I have attached a scanned copy of the vaccination form to this email for your perusal.

The microchip number in his body is: XXX6618
The microchip number on the bar code pasted on the vaccination form is: XXX6722

As a result of this misinformation, I have been licensing my dog under the wrong microchip number with AVA for the last 2 years. My next license renewal is due on 6 May 2010 and hence, I would like to rectify this mistake with AVA before I renew it. I would appreciate if you could assist me on this matter.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Name of owner


Thank you for email. There were several Border Collies siblings I microchipped together. I believe that the Seller gave you the wrong microchip paper. I need to scan your Border Collie and give you a report of the correct number.

On the surface, the dog owner must have the misleading impression that I have lost my marbles or my mind. Instead of disputing over the phone, I asked her to email to me a scan of the microchip and vaccination certificate to save time and prevent miscommunications. She was very polite and helpful.

This mystery was solved when the owner emailed me the details of the case as there were more than 1 Border Collie siblings microchipped by me from a home breeder. He must have given any microchip certificate as Border Collies were all black and white and he had no microchip scanner prior to sale.

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