Sunday, April 4, 2010

7. Annual health examination for dogs and cats at Toa Payoh Vets

One year of a dog's or cat's life is around 5-7 years of a man's life. Therefore,annual health examinations are important for your companion animals. Annual health examinations are not just vaccinations and deworming.

More than 2 years old
1. General examination including skin, eyes, ears, appetite and water intake, weight gain or loss.
2. Dental scaling every year is best
3. Heart test to check for heart diseases
4. Blood test to check liver and kidney disorders and diabetes. This is important for dogs older than 5 years as early detection saves lives and money.
5. Heartworm test.
6. Vaccination review
7. Deworming
8. Skin diseases and skin tumours esp. for dogs over 5 years old.
9. Anal sac diseases and circum-anal tumours in older dogs

Keep your pet healthy and happy. Healthy pets live more act mive lives and cause less money on vet treatment for the ownerr.

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