Sunday, January 12, 2014

1301. Lose a foot to save a toe - toe wart in hamster

Jan 13, 2014

The owner phoned to say that the anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by Dr Daniel had not worked.
Last week, I had advised surgical excision of the two toe warts but did not say that the toe would have to be amputated, as there is a possibility of slicing off the warts by electro-excision. So, the toe would remain but there is a chance that the wart may re-grow. With amputation, there is zero recurrence as the toe is gone.

When Dr Daniel told the mother and daughter that the toe may need to be amputated, both did not want the surgery. To prevent the hamster from continuously licking the toe warts, Dr Daniel prescribed anti-inflam as an alternative.

Now, the owner said that the medicine does not "work" as the hamster still licks.

"Warts keep growing every day and the hamster tries to bite them off as they are burdens to movement," I said. "Dr Daniel mentioned that toe amputattion may be needed. However, you did not want the toe amputated and so you try to save a toe. In the end, saving a toe will result in losing a foot as the hamster bites the tumour and the whole paw becomes infected and gangrenous later!"

The owner agreed to the surgical excision. No oral drugs can dissolve the skin warts and usually the owner becomes unhappy with this method of treatment as in this case. Each vet has his or her own judgment but surgery is the only option in hamster wart treatment. For dogs, toe warts may be tolerated, but not the nimble dwarf hamster!    

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