Wednesday, February 28, 2018

3383. 14th day Chinese New Year, 8 am, March 1, 2018

March 1, 2018
Today is 14th day of CNY
Yesterday 5-6 pm, heavy downpour.

Overnight, my garden has a group of 4 ragged mushrooms, 1 solitary ragged mushroom and 1 split brown and white mushroom. The heavy downpour did not wipe them out but did damage the brown and white to split into 4 parts.

A normal brown and white mushroom is perfect in circular flat top shape as you can see in other websites.

Small mushrooms in plantar box. Soil in the garden and plantar box was tilled yesterday. 


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

3382. Feb 28, 2018 8am 13th day of Chinese New Year

Feb 28, 2018  8am

Soiled in garden tilled yesterday. Only 3 new mushrooms grow overnight.
Plantar box has zero mushrooms. Soil tilled today 9am and hosed.

Soiled tilled.

3381. Selected mushrooms seen on Feb 25, 2018 (10th day CNY) for printing

plantar box

Monday, February 26, 2018

*3380. A 10-year-old female, not spayed Silkie Terrier keeps having UTI for the past years. What to do?

Feb 26, 2018

Silkie Terrier, F, Not spayed, 10 years old

I advised spay as the uterus could have infections as evident by the hyperpigmented belly area and vulva from licking by the dog for many years. UTI present from around 3 years of age and many vets were consulted. Antibiotics cured the problem for a few weeks and then again, difficulty in urination, peeing small amounts and blood in the urine.


2 years old, consulted vet. Medication. Cured for 1-2 years.
After 4 years old, strong smelly urine. Urinary tract infection. Saw several vets (6 visits to 2 vet clinics) but UTI keeps recurring, X-rays had been done by the other vet but no urinary stones seen.

Aug 15, 2015 as 7 years old, consulted Dr Sing K Y of Toa Payoh Vets. Smelly urine with blood. False pregnancy (milk). Vulval area and inguinal area licked for long time till they are hyperpigmented black. Bladder lump 2 cm x 2 cm. Blood and urine tests. Chronic cystitis. Advised spay. Accepted feeding advice on Hills' K/D and C/D later.  Bought k/d bag in Nov 11, 2015 and Feb 4, 2016.

April 27, 2016. Straining urination with blood. Young lady in her 30s said that there was no more smelly urine since the first visit in Aug 15, 2015 (8 months). Other vets' treatment - the dog will pass smelly urine in 2 to 3 months. But now, dysuria and haematuria again. Advised spay and X rays.

Sep 7, 2016. Haaematuria, Stranguira. Treated.
May 28, 2017   Buys C/D
Sep 16, 2017  Recurent UTI. Declined lab tests. Wants medication onlyu.
Dec 28, 2017. UTI again.
Feb 14, 2018. UTI. Buys C/D


Aug 16, 2015  - No abnormal blood cells, liver and kidneys.

Aug 16, 2015
pH 9. SG 1.035.
Nitrite +ve, Protein 4+, blood trace.
Crystals triple phosphate +, amorphous phosphate3 +

Advised K/D followed by C/D. No other food.

Dec 29, 2017
Normal blood values. Fed C/D 100%

July 27, 2016
pH 6. SG 1.017.
Nitrite +ve, Protein 2+, blood 4+.
Crystals Nil
Bacteria +

Dec 29, 2017
pH 9. SG 1.022.
Protein 2+, blood 3+.
Crystals Triple phosphate occasional
Bacteria 3+
Bladder and/or kidney inflammation?

X-rays - Feb 26, 2018
No urinary stones. Dog had scavenged the garbage bin resulting in many whitish lines seen in X-ray.

Dog was spayed in Dec 28, 2018. Ovaries swollen. Uterine horns slightly swollen at 6 mm across.
Dog went home. One day later, the owner called to say dog was sitting still in one corner all the time. Advised take out e-collar. No more complaints since.  

3379. Chinese New Year, 8 am, 12th day. Feb 27, 2018

Feb 27, 2018    9 am

Very few new mushrooms overnight seen in the garden and plantar box. Less than 20 per area.
Ragged mushrooms are new and appear to have dirt on the surface of the cap or are they new species?


At 9 am, I saw one white mushroom not blooming yet. I hosed and tilled the soil, dislodging the white mushroom which is likely to grow into a brown and white flat one tomorrow.

The ragged mushroom caps fell when hosed. Will see if tomorrow brings in new mushrooms.

In some internet articles, mushrooms are fungi and are said to cleanse the soil.