Sunday, February 18, 2018

3369. Mushrooms. 8 am & 9.30 hosing. Feb 19, 2018. 4th day Chinese New Year. Predominant small ones.

8 am.  Feb 19, 2018. 4th day Chinese New Year.

Bright sunny morning.

8am.  Ragged mushrooms before hosing with water.

Snow-white mushroom had wilted after 24 hours. Was pure white yesterday 8 am.

Best not to hose mushrooms before photography
9.30 am. Ragged mushrooms after hosing with water

3368. 6 pm, Feb 18, 2018. Chinese New Year 3rd day. White mushroom wilts

Above shows white mushroom at 9.15 am  Feb 18, 2018. 

Below shows 6 pm Feb 18, 2018 situation.  Discoloration and wilting at 6 pm under the hot afternoon sun. The white mushroom collapsed by 1 am Feb 19, 2018.


New mushroom seen at 6 pm

Saturday, February 17, 2018

3368. A 15-year-old Golden Retriever has right tibial bone tumours

Feb 18, 2018  (3rd day of Chinese New Year).

This 15-year-old male entire Golden Retriever "suddenly" could not stand up. X-rays taken in Dec13, 2017 showed lower tibial bone destruction. Now, the dog cannot stand up and is emaciated. The owner decided to take the dog home.

Options are:
1. Surgery to amputate the leg.
2. Euthanasia
3. Home nursing with drips, wet food and medication (painkillers and antibiotics)

See video


The daughter of this dog has numerous large subcutaneous tumours on both sides of the body and one large one under the throat. Surgical excision and histology are advised. See other video

3367. CNY Day 3. A pure white mushroom appears.

Feb 18, 2018. Day 3 of Chinese New Year 9 am.

No more new species as I had seen them all daily over the past 2 months of mushrooms appearing in my small garden. Today, a pure white appears for the first time. What is this species?