Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First impression counts even if you are over 60 years old

I met this senior citizen of 66 years. As thin as a rake but Singaporeans will not know what a rake is.

"Far East Organisation pays licensed estate agents $50/day for new property condo sales exhibition," he said. "My estate agent charges me money to be at its exhibition! They queue me at No. 40 and give me only weekday daytime slot. When my queue is reached, I have only done 2 prospects. And you know what?"


"The estate agent reserves all night and weekend viewings for themselves and their friends! So, they never phone me to sell the condos during these busy times!"

I said naively: "Why don't you just join Far East and you need not pay?"
The senior citizen laughed: "They don't accept me. They want only young girls!"

So, here we have a Senior citizen who passed the CES examination of 200 questions at 2 minutes per question with only 5/50 candidates including his manager failing with no job.

"I have no contacts," he said to me. I was surprised as he has the badge and has given up.

"Farm for contacts," I said. "Be more presentable. Look at your spectacles. There are colourful oil reflections in your glasses. It is just not creating good impression." He was just not bothered with how he presents himself. The real estate firm, a brand-name one was also taking him for a ride by charging a rookie licensed agent for being present at new project sales.

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