Thursday, June 30, 2022

4134. Boeing 747 and 787 to and from Seoul/Singapore - double aisle Boeing. Airbus A330. aircraft

21 Jun 2022 midnight
Going to Seoul

The Boeing 747 is a large, wide-body (two-aisle) airliner with four wing-mounted engines.

29 Jun 2022
Back to Singapore

The 787 was the first next-generation wide body twinjet, and the A380 remains the world's only fully double-decker passenger airliner to date. As such, both aircraft are trailblazers in their own right. However, Airbus designed the A380 for long-range, high-capacity hub-to-hub flights




 SINGAPORE - 15 SEP 2022: 7 AM. Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 at Gate C15, Terminal 1, Changi Airport to Vietnam, is a wide-body aircraft that can seat 300 passengers (in a two or three-class layout).











4133. Blood pressure 120/80 and dragonfruit flower

 1 Jul 2022

Went to my old GP who is an old friend. He is 73. I am 72. I asked for blood pressure measurement.
He tested my BP twice with his medical instrument which you need a stethoscope to listen to the readings. 

He took the measurement twice. 
"Your BP is a bit low," he said. I asked for the readings.  "120/80" which is good news. I had this reading once from him some months ago. Last month, I had "140/80" which he said is the limit of normal for senior citizens. My BP was also over 140 mm at the SNEC.

I was happy with the good news because he said last month, that people of my age do not get 120/80. Only young people. We discussed and he said BP varies but should not be over 140.    

Went to Lentor Street to exercise at 11 am. Very hot. A retiree couple gave me the dragonfruit flowers which, the wife said, bloom only one night and die the next day. She offered me some dragonfruits but I don't eat them.

3 flower images from the kind couple picking up cut grass in a plastic bag for their plants. Migrant worksers (arouond 6)  came to cut and blow the grsss in the playground and they thought I was their supervisor.


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

4131. A yellow butterfly in Shan Shwe Oo Resort


Grass Yellow butterfly

Yellow butterflies are commonly seen the whole year round in Singapore. They are the Grass Yellow butterfly and related species. Are yellow butterflies commonly seen the whole year round in Yangon, Myanmar?  

INTRODUCTION. Myanmar is a large country with over 55 million people. The majority of the

population is Buddhist in faith (insert 2 images below). Its tourist attractions (like Inle Lake and its leg paddling fishermen in the image) bring in much revenue and jobs for the people.  

Inle Lake

Dr Thien Tun Aung (L) and his family went to 
Shan Shwe Oo Resort on Sunday, 26 Jul 2022 at 3 PM. 

Shan Shwe Oo Resort video.

Lots of greenery. A big pond with fishes and lotus flowers

Video 4.


A yellow butterfly in the Shan Shwe Oo Resort posed for Dr Tun Thein Aung
of Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery on Sunday, 26 Jun 2022 at 3PM

He took the following 2 videos using his iPhone 13 

Pet dogs are welcome 

Myanmar waitress at Shan Shwe Oo Resort, outside Yangon

Grass Yellow (Eurema sp.) are small butterflies that have lemon-yellow wings with small black spots. They are found in Singapore throughout the year.

4130. Stray cats in Singapore and in a Seoul Zoo in Jun 2022 as seen by Dr Sing Kong Yuen

Very rare to see one stray cat in the public places in Singapore nowadays. 
They had been culled by town councils or trapped by pest control people over the years.
There is a community that traps, neuter and release (TNR) stray cats over the years, bu
the Covid-19 pandemic had stopped many of the members from continuing.


This stray cat looks healthy and in excellent bodily condition
Probably cared for by zoo administrators as he or she wandered around the 
office building area when I saw the cat during my 24 Jun 2022 visit to
the Seoul Grand Park Zoo



Monday, June 27, 2022

4129. Unbelievable story - An orange butterfly at Seoul Zoo posed for me

UNBELIEVABLE STORY by Dr Sing Kong Yuen. A Seoul Zoo butterfly posed for photography and video

24 Jun 2022: SEOUL ZOO Around 4 butterflies were seen around a small plot of garden at the entrance to the Seoul Zoo on 24 Jun 2022 during my visit to the Seoul Zoo.

I hoped to photograph one sharp photo of one of the few butterflies fluttering in the small garden. It was as if my wish was answered by Mother Nature? This butterfly posed within 6 feet from me for over 60 seconds. I took this photo. I got to video her too.

A 56-second video and a photo of this butterfly is for sale at:


A 20-second video from handphone video of original video


A 56-second video and a photo of this butterfly is for sale at:


Friday, June 24, 2022

4128. Photography Tip: Polka dotted butterfly at Seoul Zoo, in the shade of leaves

 PHOTOGRAPHY TIP.25 Jun 2022. 1 PM. SIESTA AT SEOUL ZOO. This polka dotted butterfly fluttered towards me and hid in the shade in between leaves as I was looking for butterflies to photograph. Lighting was dark, hence difficult to get sharper image as settings should not be the “P” Mode which I used as the butterfly might not stay long. Focus is on the eye.  

4126. Photography tips: Lotus flower in Seoul Grand Park Zoo

 PHOTOGRAPHY TIP BY Dr Sing Kong YuenI placed my DSLR Camera on the top of a bridge railing and focused on centre of lotus flower. The camera did not vibrate or move as compared to hand-holding when I pressed the shutter. Same applies for handphone. Overcast day, 2 pm, Seoul Grand Park Zoo. 24 Jun 2022. Food photography indoors by amateurs usually produces poor quality images mainly due to bad lighting conditions and out of focus images - imagine the lotus and leaves as dishes in indoor amateur food photography - it is difficult to get sharpness of the lotus.  


sun rays help to produce brighter photos

25 Jun 2022: I placed my camera onto the top railing of the wooden bridge overlooking the water lily pond. In this way, I do not need to hand-hold the DSLR camera and click the shutter and focus at the same time - causing vibration of the camera. The sun rays appeared briefly - hence this photo looks sharper (red water lily is the focus of my lens). There is no way to get such a sharp image if you handhold and focus on the pistil and stamens of the red water lily. If you use a handphone, it will probably not focus so sharp on the red water lily. 

Always find a support such as the top railing of a bridge to get sharp focus. Hand holding rarely gives good sharp images.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

4125. Wildlife in Seoul, South Korea - green woodpecker. Photography tip


 Juvenile Green Woodpecker?Seoul Children’s Grand Park, outside Seoul Children’s Museum

Sudden appearance, pecks on trunk, flew off within 60 seconds

 Focus on the eye, only 1/12 images is   23 Jun 2022

Good morning. Very rare sighting of wildlife (birds) that appeared in front of you during your travels. Very hard to get sharp image. In this case, I was thinking whether there were wild birds in this Seoul Children's Grand Park (zoo and concert hall in park) that could be photographed with my ordinary DSLR camera . The green woodpecker suddenly flew to a tree trunk some 20 feet away from me. She or he pecked at the trunk a few times, to tell me he or she is a woodpecker. Green woodpeckers are rare in Singapore. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

4124. How to take photos of Airline food in the dark cabin.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS - How to take Airline food photos in the dark cabin.

SINGAPORE - 22 JUN 2022, 7 AM: Breakfast included Kimchi Rice and Suzuki Coffee in the Business Class, Singapore Airlines, reaching Seoul. “P” Mode, Central focus is on the strawberry. Sunlight from the right window shone on the food in the dark cabin as a passenger to my right, suddenly lifted up the window shade. The Boeing 787 had two aisles. I was seated 4th from the right if you visualise Economy Class seating arrangement.

Monday, June 20, 2022

4123. FINAL VIDEO. Part 1/2. A stray cat has a gigantic facial abscess. Is it a malar abscess or a cat fight abscess?


A stray cat has a gigantic facial abscess. Cat fight or malar abscess? 

Use Video 1/2 HOOK at 0:00 - 0:12 in Part 1/2. 

Images x 2.  BKTP Vet Educational Image.   "Warning to viewer...." Image.


This 10-year-old female spayed calico cat wandered around the factory premises. The owner saw her swollen face, said to be a duration of 3-4 days. IMAGE THIS CAT and normal cat face.

TREATMENT OF FACIAL ABSCESS IS LANCE AND DRAINAGE Toa Payoh Vets treated her under anaesthesia by lancing and draining the foul-smelling pus from the swelling.

TREATMENT OF MALAR ABSCES IS TOOTH EXTRACTION. Her upper 3rd premolar cheek teeth was loose and decayed, hence confirming that the diagnosis was a MALAR or cheek abscess. This cat's loose malar tooth was extracted by Dr Sing. The other remaining teeth were given a dental scaling if normal.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MALAR AND CAT FIGHT FACIAL ABSCESS In a CAT FIGHT FACIAL ABSCESS, the malar tooth would usually be normal and its roots would be firm. Cat fight abscesses usually do not have loose malar teeth unlike in in this case.


In 2022, a stray cat is rarely seen in public. (Video of a stray cat in the playground - Narrate - Singapore children are happy to see a stray cat as most of them do not have cats as pets. Howeve they are not comfortable stroking the stray cat. Some stray cats are careful of people as they have had been hunted by the town council contractors using nets, medicated food and traps. Their numbers had been reduced considerably by the town councils culling them. Some members of the public complain about noisy cats fighting at night outside their residences and spraying urine onto their garden. During the SARS period, cats were said to be a carrier of SARS viruses infecting people and large numbers were removed by the contractors employed by the authorities. THE CAT WELFARE SOCIETY

Those seen are the kind efforts of The Cat Welfare Society and the community of stray cat caregivers sending the cats for sterilisation by the vet and then released in public places like playgrounds and parks. You can identify them. They do not have normal shaped ear tips as the left ear tip had been cut away after sterilisation (IMAGES).

OUTCOME FOR THIS CAT WITH GIGANTIC FACIAL ABSCESS The cat was an inpatient for 3 days at Toa Payoh Vets. The owner did not bring her to Toa Payoh Vets for help or review. He said the cat had recovered fully after two weeks and he had enjoyed his trip to Seoul with his elderly friends when the cat was an inpatient. (Video of him travelling). He was most happy that his stray cat survived the anaesthesia and kept her strictly indoors after the treatment (Video of factory premises and area and cat images comparing swollen face with one not swollen).


A stray cat (Video 2/2) has a gigantic facial abscess. Cat fight or malar abscess? This is Part 2/2.  HOOK same as for Part 1/2 -The cat had a big right facial swelling (show video footage of the swelling as in Part 1/2).

In Part 1/1, Mr Tan, the owner brought the cat to Toa Payoh Vets for consultation. Mr Tan decided to travel overseas as planned (video footage Korea trip), leaving the cat with Toa Payoh Vets for anaesthesia and surgery of the facial abscess.
1.  DEFINE ABSCESS. Abscess is a localised collection of pus.

What Is a Cat Tooth Abscess? A cat tooth abscess is an inflammatory reaction to infection from a dead tooth. This infection around the root of the tooth leads to destruction of the bone. The painful bony infection and inflammation can spread to the soft tissues of the face and create a swelling of the cheek or chin.(VIDEO OF HANDPHONE pus squeezed out).

The main difference is that a cat with a cat fight abscess does not have rotten teeth and inflamed gums.


"Your cat needed to be sedated and anaesthesized for surgery," Dr Sing advised Mr Tan. "As she is aged and the blood test showed she is very sick, she may not survive the anaesthesia". 

"I know the high risk," Mr Tan replied. "I had sent sick stray cats to the vet for anaesthesia and some did die on the opeating table."  He signed the Anaesthesia Surgery consent form so that he knew the advantages and disadvantages of treatment compared to non-treatment.  

2. SURGERY. The rotten and loose malar tooth is extracted if it is present. In this case, it had dropped off earlier. Then the abscess is lanced using a scalpel blade (IMAGE)  and drained.
 This was performed during anaesthesia. IMAGES as below 

The cat was an inpatient for 3 days and went home. She recovered fully after two weeks. This stray cat was fortunate that Mr Tan was kind enough to send her for early treatment of her Malar Abscess. She recovered fully after two weeks at home to recuperate and be nursed by Mr Tan.


Flea and deworming treatment were done by Mr Tan as the cat was infested with fleas. The fleas hopped onto this cat's fur from contact with another flea-infested stray cat. (IMAGE of fleas). Fleas pass on worms to the cat, hence deworming was advised.

Stray cats are homeless cats but MOST pet cats will wander outdoors if given a choice of freedom to roam. The community of caregivers will give them food and water (IMAGES), but they rarely bring them to the vet for dental check ups to prevent Malar tooth abscess.




HOOK - 10-second footage of consultation and anaesthesia/surgery with least bloody scenes. Video at:

Pt 2/2 is at:
Video - Part 2 shows surgical treatment - lance and drain the abscess, dental scaling and extraction of the decayed upper right premolar tooth. 

MIDDLE AND CONCLUSION -  Narrate the slides

The diagnosis was

Malar AbscessThe cat’s white blood cells at the infected roots of the malar tooth eliminated the bacteria. Pus formed and spread to the nasal sinus

A gigantic facial swelling below the eye appeared. This was a Malar Abscess  The 10-year-old cat recovered fully  two weeks after surgery


Pt 1/2 video. Consultation with Dr Sing Kong Yuen. A factory cat has a gigantic facial abscess.

Pt 2/2 is at:
Video - Part 2 shows surgical treatment - lance and drain the abscess, dental scaling and extraction of the decayed lower right premolar tooth. Flea and deworming treatment were advised.


Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow) 

A rare case of a gigantic facial abscess in a stray cat kept in a factory in Ang Mo Kio. The vast majority of facial abscess cases are cat fights leading to bacterial infections inside the face. There will be swellings below the lower eyelids. Soon, the swellings ruptures into holes draining pus.

Cats do suffer from Malar Abscesses, equivalent to Carnassial Tooth Abscesses in the dog. However, Malar Abscesses are rare in cats. I had encountered one or two cases at Toa Payoh Vets. The only treatment is EXTRACTION of the decayed loose malar tooth.

This case could also be a Malar Abscess case as stray cat owners rarely take the cats for dental check ups annually. This cat was permitted to stray in the factory grounds and must have had fought with other cats.

The cat recovered fully after treatment including drainage of the foul-smeling pus. The owner and his wife used to house stray cats in rented Pasir Ris boarding kennels which have had been demolished by the government.







Part 1/2 is this video is also shown on FACEBOOK on Mar 4, 2019.

The care-giver contacted me at 10 am. He used to keep over 20 stray cats in a kennel place in Pasir Ris kennels some 20 years ago. Now he has this cat and another two cats in his factory shop in Ang Mo Kio. This cat lived in the factory unit but roamed freely within the factory according to him and had never been sick for over 10 years.

"How long has the cat has a swollen face?" I asked him. "3-4 days," he said. That was an explosive ballooning of the cat's right facial area in just 3-4 days. The bad odour of rotten eggs wafted up when I incised the abscess. It indicated a flesh-eating gas-forming bacterial infection. What to do?

The cat was anaesthesized. Xylazine 0.01 ml + Ketamine 0.1 ml IM which was the least dose to sedate. Isoflurane gas and oxygen via gas mask was given to top up the anaesthesia when needed. The swelling was lanced with a scalpel blade. Foul smelly thick brownish red pus flowed out of the cut. I used 3% hydrogen peroxide as an antiseptic after releasing the pus into the kidney dish.

Then I used copious amounts of normal saline to irrigate and clean up the inner part of the skin wound. Blood test showed very high numbers of white blood cells and neutrophils indicating a severe bacterial infection.

Prompt treatment by the owner saved this cat's life as the infection spread rapidly within 3 days. The cat did not have fever or become emaciated, showing that the owner did seek early veterinary intervention.

The old cat woke up fast from anaesthesia as the dosage given was very low. The risk of dying on the operating table is very high in old pets, hence the use of isoflurane gas top up is the safest procedure rather than a higher dose of injectable sedatives. She went home with oral antibiotics and painkillers.

UPDATE: As at Mar 9, 2019, no complaint from the care-giver. The cat had fully recovered and was eating as normal. He still wandered freely in the factory premises.

Cat facial abscesses are due to cat fights. This cat was neutered. In general, it is best to neuter the male cat and keep the cat at the factory shop/home to prevent cat fights during wanderings. This cat recovered fully after two weeks.


The diagnosis was

Malar AbscessThe cat’s white blood cells at the infected roots of the malar tooth eliminated the bacteria. Pus formed and spread to the nasal sinus

A gigantic facial swelling below the eye appeared. This was a Malar Abscess  The 10-year-old cat recovered fully  two weeks after surgery

Pt 1/2 video. Consultation with Dr Sing Kong Yuen. A factory cat has a gigantic facial abscess.

Pt 2/2 is at:
Video - Part 2 shows surgical treatment - lance and drain the abscess, dental scaling and extraction of the decayed lower right premolar tooth. Flea and deworming treatment were advised.

WARNING. Part 2/2 contains surgical procedures on treatment of the malar abscess in this cat. Viewer discretion is advised.


This infected RIGHT upper 3rd premolar tooth in this jaw had decayed and dropped off before treatment. The bacterial infection of its roots HAD spread upwards to the SINUS of the face (IMAGE) over a short period of 3-4 days to form the gigantic facial abscess. This is diagnosed as as malar or carnassial tooth abscess. 


Video - Part 2 shows surgical treatment - lance and drain the abscess, dental scaling and extraction of the decayed lower right premolar tooth. I advised to owner to deflea and deworm this cat. Fleas were crawling all over her fur (IMAGE).

As at Mar 9, 2019, no complaint from the factory owner. The cat had fully recovered and was eating as normal. She was a spayed cat but still wandered freely in the factory premises. She was infested with fleas (IMAGE). It is best to keep the spayed cat indoors to prevent cat fights during wanderings. Fortunately for the cat, she did not die under anaesthesia as she was septicaemic DURING ANAESTHESIA. . (DEFINE SEPTICAEMIA). She recovered fully after two weeks. 

Pt 1/2 is at:

PHOTOS are at:




The 3-act structure prevents boredom. Arranging events in an order that conflict causes change, which in turn causes more conflict, building and building, until the story's final confrontation and resolution. 3 acts. Beginning, middle and end. 

From a plot point of view: Set-up, Conflict, Resolution
From an emotional POV, Attraction, Tension, Satisfaction
From a thematic POV. Subject, Development, Fulfillment.

Grab the reader's attention by establishing the genre and mood, which create the anticipation of desired feelings such as laughter for a comedy or tension in a thriller. 

First, introduce the main character with whom the reader will bond. You estabish the main problem which captures the reader's interest and creates curiosity and anticipation as to how the protagonist will solve his dilemma. The opening hook is an essential emotional element in this act.

Several types of opening:
1. Hero in action.  Introduce the protagonist in the middle of conflict (most common opening, most effective---character bonding and drama). This hero in action opening gives you a choice to focus on e.g. character's uniqueness or character empathy (misfortune or mistreatment). 

2. Villain in action. 
3. Backstory/prologue  eg. traumatic prologues
4. Spectacle e.g stunts, special effects, over-the-top events generate thrill for the reader. Joyous occasions like a wedding (The Godfather).
5. Mystery. Intriguing event that arouses curiosity in the reader, making him wonder what is going on, is also a great way to open a script. Alien, The matrix,E.T. --- where are we? Who are these characters, what are they talking about, what's going on?

6.  Unique world. World of the mafia (The Godfater), world of aliens on earth (Men in Black), the Amish world, panoramic bird's-eye view of a future Los Angeles - Blade runner. 

7. Exposition. As long as the basic information about the world of your story is intereswting and crucial to the understanding of the plot e.g. the scrolling exposition (Star Wars). 

8. Breaking the fourth wall. A rare but effective way to open a story with a character speaking directly to the reader which creates immediacy and connections. e.g. voice-over eg. American Beauty or Sunset Boulevard or having the character speak directly into the camera, thus "breaking the fourth wall", e.g. High Fidelity, Ferris Bueller's Day off or Annie Hall.  

9. Book-ended flashback  A popular device or structure to open period pieces or detective stories that involves investigation of a past event.  Eg. Titanic, Amadeus, Citizen Kane, The Bridges of madison County or Double Indemnity. Make sure the past is more important than the one in the present. 

10. STORY TELLING USING THE 3D's to sell a product or service
All wrapped up in Drama


Images of stray cats in Singapore