Tuesday, July 27, 2021

3615. ***** Singapore Wildlife Stories. Guan Yin Dan 28 Jul 2021. Enlightenment Day of Guan Yin. Young monitor lizard and red dragonfly

28 Jul 2021.

Today is the enlightenment day of Guan Yin, known as Guan Yin Dan. I had a wish to take a photo of a red dragonfly at Yio Chu Kang Crescent secondary forest. For the past few months, it had been trimmed and cut much more by contractors and ferns had taken a great portion of the edge like invaders. So there are few wild flowers which means no food for butterflies and dragonflies. There are 3 or 4 dragonflies and butterflies today instead of over 20 at one time.

So, I was surprised to see a red dragonfly that posed patiently for me to take photos. Another red one could not stay still and flew off.  Also today is the first time sighting of a young monitor lizard grabbing a tree trunk. First time I saw it. Today is an auspicious day.

Crocothemis servilia. Adult male

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN Rhodothemis rufa (Common Redbolt, Spine-legged Redbolt, Ruby Darter, Basespot small skimmer, Rufous marsh glider) and Crocothemis servilia. 

Male Crocothemis servilia is red from eyes, head, thorax and abdomen. Female and immature male are brown. Abdomen has a black dorsal line in both gender.  

The male Common Redbolt is often confused with Crocothemis servilia. The Common Redbolt does not have a black dorsal line along the abdomen and does not have red legs as it has black legs.  Female Common Redbolt is also red.  


Thursday, July 15, 2021

3614. Cap for sale to National Geographic photographers


Fiddler cap in cotton dry fit fabric
Lightweight, washable 
Drip dry, you're good to go

18 Jul 2021. FASHION - FIDDLER CAP FOR SALE.  S$29.90
Suits men/ladies who want a LIGHTWEIGHT, not sweaty cap when going 
out under the hot and humid weather. Easy to wash. Drip dry. To cover the top of the head to 
look smart and younger. To be able to keep the cap 
inside the trouser pocket or handbag. 

Contact Dr David Sing
+65 9668-6468  99pups@gmail.com   @davidsing1

Friday, July 9, 2021

3613. A 15-year-old cat cannot pee

Thur 8 Jul 2021.

A recumbent thin cat. Female spayed 15 years old.
Vomiting past 4 days after being hand fed canned food.
Fell from the bed. 

Painful twitch when moderately full bladder 3" x 3" or 2 golf-ball size is palpated.

19 Jun 2021 23 Jun 2021
Laboratory ID:
Breed: Received on:
15 yr
Domestic Short Hair 19 Jun 2021
Specimen received: EDTA blood
9BS00000SG Blood smear interpretation by pathologist Specimen
Total three slides received. Unstained blood smears x3 -> (s0-2) (labelled Bld Smr 19/6).

Clinical History
Chronic neutropenic and anaemia. Additional History on file.

Microscopic Examination
The erythrocyte density of the specimen appears moderately to markedly decreased. Polychromatophils are not observed. Erythrocyte morphology is otherwise unremarkable.
The leukocyte density of the specimen appears markedly decreased. Mature, segmented neutrophils are rare and are found mainly at the feathered edge of the smear. Mononcytes and small lymphocytes are similarly rare. Leukocyte morphology is unremarkable.
Platelet numbers appear markedly decreased. Platelets morphology is unremarkable.

Peripheral blood, pancytopenia

Bone marrow evaluation, including core biopsy, is recommended if clinically warranted, as extramedullary causes of pancytopenia are few and uncommon. Bacterial sepsis, feline infectious peritonitis, and infection with Cytauxzoon felis may also be considered if consistent with this cats clinical presentation.

(FIV positive on test).