Tuesday, May 26, 2020

4126. Singapore Wildlife. Rare butterflies seen on Mar 26 and Mar 30, 2020

MAKE A wildlife VIDEO WITH THE FOLLOWING NARRATIVE to educate young people to take care of and love Nature.

MARCH 26, 2020
3 butterflies literally "waited" for me to pass by yesterday evening, 26 March 2020.

I walked along Yio Chu Kang Crescent, besides the vegetation bordering the Seletar Simpang Kiri River. The red signboard was one of the many signboards warning that the area is a protected area.
It was hard to understand why a river bank would need protection.

River bank. Pavement is on the right. The jogger ran past, casting his shadow
onto the red-violet butterfly. It frightened her and she flew away.
First seen was the red-violet butterfly with such royal colours glinting under the sunset rays. What a  surprise to see a rare butterfly.

Joggers, dogs and bikes zoomed past. A jogger's shadow splashed onto this red-violet.   In an instant, he flew off.

Then I chanced to see the black-blue nearby on the grass. It was not easily spotted unlike the orange butterfly.

 It was a very rare sighting to see another rare butterfly. Its two eyes look like wedding bands, dsiplayed on a blue surface in a jewelry shop. 

The two eye spots looked like wedding rings displayed on a blue surface in a jewelry shop.

The orange one was common. There were two resting with wings tightly folded.

One was fast asleep. Eyes hidden under the leaves as you can see in this photo.

"Please show me your dorsal wing area," I said to the two.  They ignored me.
I waited. I did not want to harass them. I waited. One decided to fly away and landed on a leaf nearby.

"All right, all right," she flapped her wings. "Open, shut, open, shut...You better hurry up! I want to fold my wings to go to sleep!"

I was overjoyed as this 3rd butterfly would complete my set of 3 butterflies with dorsal wings seen.

The sun was setting. "Do you know what are "golden hours?" I recalled an elderly man asking me during one dinner evening at my sister's house. I did not reply as he could be obnoxious at times.

"You call yourself a photographer and you do not know?" he lamented.

What could I say to provocations? I could say I had never claimed to be a photographer.

He called himself a writer. There was another elderly man at the dining table some time ago. He  was an erotic poetry writer and complained loudly to my sister that he could not comprehend my English-speaking communications with him.  Such fascinating people I had met at dinner in this house.

Well, the 3rd butterfly extended her wings suddenly. Just during this golden hour. A golden hour is  roughly one hour before sunset or sunrise!

I experienced my golden hour when this orange butterfly's wings extended her wings for me to take some photographs.

The sun was setting. I said good night to the orange butterflies and walked along Yio Chu Kang Road to my home.  The sun would set and there would not be sufficient sunlight for photography.

Today's golden hour in photography - One hour before sunset 
Now I have a complete set of three butterflies with 3 extended wings, displaying their beautiful colours before the sun set.

Would you agree that the 3 butterfly species were waiting for me to pass by and take their photographs?






It was an overcast sky but the evening was bright and serene. I walked along Yio Chu Kang Crescent beside the Seletar Simpang Kiri River.  Full but muddy waters. Some dark clouds in the distance.

SUN MAY 31, 2020  6 PM

Saw the brilliant coloured butterflies on the same grass patch - evening. They like the grass.

MON JUNE 1, 2020.  8 AM

I saw 7 butterflies of the 2 species as mentioned above.

A pair was still asleep next to each other, on open grounds. Dew drops wet their wings. They did not care.

3 on a patch of grass nearby

Another 2 on the grass patch further up.

Altogether 7 butterflies along Seletar Simpang Kiri River.
3 videos were taken.


17 Nov 2020. Seletar Simpang Kiri River. morning.  Cloudy green river. 

Saturday, May 23, 2020

4125. Greeting from the owner of Niko, the cat

May 24, 2020

Today is Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I got an e-card WhatsApp from a cat owner.
Such a nice greeting artwork.

I recalled her WA messages:

21 Dec 2019
Hello boss
You open today?
Nikon needs to visit
Niko I mean

Come before 3.30pm

That's the younger generation

May 24, 2020

I got her e-card. So nice of her.

Pretty artwork. Thks. How is Niko?
Selamat Hari  Raya Aidilfitri to you.

He's good thanks.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

4124. How to ... create a compelling vaccination REMINDER card

Mar 23, 2020.

The 4 images were given to a vet intern. The title was "How to create a compelling vaccination REMINDER card." The key word is "compelling". So, the intern must know what it means and
write to show and tell what constitutes "compelling". Hence, make use of the 2 case studies and

1.1  Free commercial card from a drug company for all vets in Singapore

Photo is attractive. However, some dogs look "cloned". Not bright. The background is patchy,
as if there is poor lighting. Overall, a poor impression of printing quality. 

Commercial free VR card

 1.2  Vaccination Card created by Dr Sing Kong Yuen for Toa Payoh Vets

Customised VR Card with colours, attractive image of cat and dog
from Vistaprint services. Each card costs $0.54/card for 50 cards being
printed as at May 23, 2020. The QR code was not inserted
in the actual card but it is very useful for the younger generation
to scan and send WhatsApp message to the vet.. 


Use 3 D's

Answer the question.
Why is there a need to create a compelling vaccination card? Use the above two as case studies.
It is the same as why you will buy one product over another.

(Research - marketing books)



Hook: Do you find it difficult to keep up with your pet’s vaccinations? Perhaps…you often lose the vaccination card and find yourself having to dig it up? 

Presenting to you, the importance of a visually compelling vaccination card!

Vaccination cards are useful health records that contain information about vaccination dates and dosage. This information is helpful for pet owners, vaccination providers and public health researchers.  HOOK ONE EXAMPLE OF ENACTMENT BY INTERN.... Can be in an illustrated cartoon form. A POSTMAN IN A SMALL VAN, BIKE. ---GOES TO HDB LETTER BOX. CARD INSERTED IN BY POST MAN. Can use illustrations. (Sometimes, the intern has to be proactive....
Afternoon round for this postman
Internship helps you to develop your initiative, resolve challenges of lack of resources and get to know the case studies well as you had done the work.) CLOSE UP OF CARD....."Use the Commercial Vaccination Reminder Card". He sees another VR Card.... Colour, Text, Images..... Compelled to read. CLOSE UP. He keeps his card carefully, brings home, puts on his desk table desk to remind himself of the date......(Use Toa Payoh Vets card).

MUST HAVE A TRANSITION SLIDE (BELOW). Not to rush into "Details".


Oftentimes, vet clinics will call to remind the pet owner of their pet’s upcoming vaccinations.

The vet nurse calls a patient, “Hello, is this Snowy’s owner? Snowy is due for her vaccinations soon!”

The owner replies, “Oh! Really? I lost her vaccination card and forgot about her vaccinations…” DOG OWNER PHONES TP VETS...….FOR APPOINTMENT


Firstly, a vaccination card needs to be eye-catching and be able to capture the attention of the pet owner. This will make sure that the pet owner is reminded of their pet’s next vaccine whenever they come across the card and do not misplace the card.

Secondly, a vaccination card should briefly cover the importance of keeping up with their pet’s vaccines. Pet owners often neglect following up on vaccine appointments because they do not recognize the importance of vaccinations. Beyond the prevention of diseases in pets that may rack up large veterinary bills, it also protects families from contracting zoonotic diseases such as rabies from their pets. Diseases such as parvovirus also have a high fatality rate and are highly infectious, which may infect other animals in the household and lead to death.

Finally, a vaccination card should include contact details for a veterinary clinic in order to ease the process of vaccinating the pet. These details should be placed at a prominent position on the card such that pet owners are able to easily locate a contact number and book an appointment for vaccinations. 

1. Hook - Title text must attract reading 2. 3 parts - Introduction, Body, Conclusion. How you place them. 3. Cross-selling (a product or service XX%). Covid-19. Premium face mask for kids. discounted with this card 4. Call to Action. QR Code.

BACK SIDE UPDATE us if there is change of address or health of pets QR Code, email tel website

A vaccination card that is visually appealing is crucial in ensuring that pet owners vaccinate their pets in a timely manner and is important in preserving the overall health of pets in the long run Veterinary services are a business. For an employer, it must be profitable to survive and last over the years. Revenue comes from pet clients and referrals. A tidy and clean clinic makes a good impression. So should marketing materials. Clients will go to competitors who give them good impressions, among other things. The following should be inside the card. Elaborate on points No. 1 to 8 No. 1 = title 2= services 3= why bother to do it? 4= contact 5=contact QR code 6 = cat should be there 7=dog (some VR cards show dog only) 8 = give space for cross-selling a produce/service e.g. 5% discount on dental scaling, premium face mask
USE OF COMPUTERISATION. Not all clinic owners can afford to pay the high costs of computerization. There is a recurring annual fee payment. This article provides tips to the smaller vet clinics to help them in their business. Compelling VR postcards are a "personal touch", like a friend sending you a post card during her travels (show a travel postcard).

This may be a competitive advantage compared to computerized mailings or texting, as there is a personal touch involved if you write instead of putting on address labels. CONCLUSION
First impressions count. A compelling vaccination reminder card gives a good impression as the prospects will not think poorly of your business operation compared to a poorly designed VR card.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMENTS BY DR SING: The following are NOT in an organised order as the intern will then by spoon-fed. They are pointers ... 1. The topic should be "How to create a compelling vaccination REMINDER card." This is my mistake. This angle is from the veterinarian's point of view. Veterinary services are a business. It has to be profitable to survive over the years and to upgrade its equipment. VR cards are one way to generate revenue and to prevent diseases in the pets. However, many busy owners in Singaporfe do not find time to vaccinate their dogs and cats. A VR is a timely reminder and they appreciate it. However, there is a need to create a compelling VR as many owners will ignore the poorly designed ones but may keep the compelling ones on his or her desk. 2. There is a vaccination card (details of pets etc) in veterinary practices, but this topic is not referring to that. Also the four images shown are Vaccination Reminder Cards. 3. The intern must look for the key words. This is a "How to.." video. 4. Do Research: google "how to create a vaccination reminder card" and get many pointers. 5. Do re-write another script with some pertinent points are given by me as follows: 1. What is the meaning of "compelling" in this Dog and Cat VR card? Compelling card will refer to a card that "evokes interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way".

2.  How to make the card compelling? This topic is related to marketing and advertisements. The vet school does not teach this topic. The vet has to do research. That includes "google search".

3. Why bother to make the card compelling?
Money is spent on printing the card. Make a good impression if you want to retain your clientele who
has numerous choices of service providers. .

4. Why not use the free VR cards? They usually are not up to design standards as shown in this case study:
Analyse and explain the front side, the back side.

This free card is meant to promote the company's heartworm vaccination. That may not be what
the pet owner cares about. The deadly diseases are distemper and parvoviruses. The card design is what
most professional designers will rate as good. Not cluttered. Attractive dogs.

What should be on the front side?
This is a card from Vistaprint. It costs around $0.54 cents to print both sides in colour as at May 2020.
Vistaprint permits customisation of text, image, colours and QR code.

The design of the card by Dr Sing is as follows:

1. A hook as the heading. "Prevent COSTLY diseases..."
If you just title "Vaccination Reminder Card", your card is not compelling.

2. Services provided.

3. Conclusion. To reinforce and to remind the pet owner that pets are family. And those who love their pets do
consider them family members.

4. Contact details wih a message - website.

5. An image is important. Best is to have a dog and a cat unless you want
to print separately.
6. What is missing is the QR Code. This is very important nowadays.

Use the QR code from the following advert when you create your template. Do not copy above design. Think how you will improve on above layout.
QR code is usually placed on lower right. Code is the same as above.

7. In your design, add it one feature as shown in Vistaprint's card (XX% off). You can 

hand-draw your design - so that the font sizes can be inspected by me for size and clarity.

Make space for one produce/service   XX% off in your design.

8. Now we analyse the back side of the free VR card. Some pet owners think they should contact
"Age D'Or" as there is no clinic contact. So I made two stamps. The whole presentation is very unimpressive

but this is a free card!  

9. More professionally designed. The right hand side should have the services/products offered. The person usually reads the RIGHT side first. 10. Any updates should have a QR code. "Please inform us of any changes in your address and health of your pet. This should be in a "box" with QR code beside it. Some pets may have passed away; the owner has a new vet. The owner will have been reminded to contact the clinic. In conclusion: This video is created for the small practices that do not have a computerized vaccination reminder system. A good designer still needs your input on how to make a compelling VR. So, you have to do the artwork for the designer TIPS AND ADVICES Computerised VR is best as it can implement the Reminder and RECALL VR vacc reminder cards.

Intern: To re-draw and not copy wholesale the 2 slides.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

4123. A red-eared slider lays eggs around once a month.

2 May 20. After oxytocin injection at Toa Payoh Vets. Laid 9 eggs inside the car


UPDATE ON MAY 10, 2020

Thanks for your 2 emails ref egg laying. It seems that Kame lays eggs around 2 weekly, based on the last 2 events in your email. Pl keep a diary of the dates.

You spoke yesterday, May 10, that Kame was restless and that there may be some eggs left over, although 9 were laid. Has she laid the eggs naturally?

According to the owner, the slider went to the garden in the evening. She searched for a good spot, dug a hole and sat there for around 20 minutes. The owner wanted to bring her home. On arrival, the slider was  ravenous. She fed him some 40 shrimps and proceeded to boil the big grey prawns (not the Tiger prawns which the slider dislikes). The slider ate 2 prawns and wanted more.

"She must have expelled all the tissues inside her uterus," I said. "Like ruptured eggs and malformed soft-shelled eggs not seen in the X-ray. Those tissues could have been infected and hence she did not have good appetite for one week after the oxytocin injection!"

"Normally she would eat around 3 days after the injection," the owner had experience of two oxytocin injections for her slider earlier. "But this time, it took more than 7 days and she had signs of wanting to lay eggs!". This could be stressful for the owner as the slider kept wanting to go out.

"Why not put a sand box inside your apartment?" I asked.
"We tried," the owner said. "Kame just hopped out of the box!". This showed that the slider preferred to lay eggs in the sandy soil of the garden.

"The condo management does not prohibit you from doing it?"
"No, but I chose an area near the pandan leaves. That area has few flowers."
"How did the residents feel about this slider digging holes in the garden?" I asked.
"No problem. Kame covers up the hole when she had laid the eggs," the owner elaborated. "Besides, the residents loved seeing her. Some dogs would sniff at her!"
"Be careful," I said. "The dog may bite her head off".
"I will not permit any dog to go near her."

Now that Kame had her appetite, it was calm at the condo. She would be watching TV with the couple as Covid-19 circuit breaker demands that all residents in Singapore stay at home if they do not need to go buy grocieries.




13 Apr 20. Laid 7 - 8 eggs naturally via digging the sand and soil.  The slider would be restless, lose appetite, wanting to go out to the garden by pushing at the front door of the apartment.