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4116. A young red-eared slider has blinking swollen eyes. Why?


4115. Reyna A Syrian hamster had a big distended abdomen.


Singapore is a city State with a population of around 6 million. As over 80% of the residents live in high rises, small pets like hamsters are popular.

They need little space. They are less costly than dogs and cats if you buy from the pet shop.
They are nocturnal creatures and they are active at night, busy exercising, keeping the owners awake with the noisy turning of the wheel!

They are energetic companions and hence much loved by the owners. However, they live for 2.5 to 3 years. When they are one year old, they are considered middle-aged and as they grow older, they may develop illness such as stomach bloat, as in this case.


(Based on WhatsApp - Show a person reading WhatsAPP from the phone. -- the messages are texted inside the phone --- try and put them in a rectangular box....etc.

WhatsApp Dr Sing Kong Yuen (DR SING).

17 Apr 20  

OWNER:  21:24  "Good evening. I am the owner of Tee, the Syrian hamster which I brought over to your clinic last week."

Lady texting on handphone

(A video clip was shown. Dr Sing could see that the hamster had closed eyelid of the left eye and a swollen abdomen. Can you draw red arrow to show the swollen abdomen and left eyelid closed by pausing the motion of the video?



OWNER:  21:25  "He had been kicking the saw dust and moving around in a hurry."
                              "He appeared  totally stressed all of a sudden".

18 Apr 20.
The owner was advised to bring the hamster for examination. He consulted Dr Daniel Sing and wanted repeat of the medication given 7 days ago.

First consultation at Toa Payoh Vets 

10 Apr 20. 

The owner brought his hamster to Toa Payoh Vets as the hamster had a distended abdomen. Dr Daniel Sing palpated a hard lump in his gastric area. He advised X-ray. The owner decided on giving the oral antibiotics and painkillers for the time being.


24 Apr 20 WhatsApp
DR SING:  02:24   "Hi, Is your Syrian hamster OK now?"

OWNER:   02:24  "He just passed on,"

Dr SING:   02:26   Please accept my condolences.
                 May I know what were his signs and symptoms?"

OWNER:   02:27   "He was doing fine, stomach was getting softer.
                   But he was very lethargic this morning."

DR SING: 02:29   "Was he having a big bloated stomach?
                              "Did he eat new food like treats?"

OWNER:   02:29   "Couldn't tell if it was bloated."
                  "But it was soft"

OWNER:   02:29    "Besides his usual treats like seeds, we fed him cucumber occasionally."

DR SING:  02:32    "How old was he? Were his eyes half closed as if he had eye discharge? "

OWNER:  02:32   "Had him for about 6 months. Not sure how old he was when he was in the pet shop.
                  "Yes, his eyes were half closed at times. He tried to open his eyes only when I pick him up to feed medication."

DR SING:   02:36   "How many days were his eyes half closed?"
OWNER:   02:37    "After giving him the medication or from the start?"

DR SING:  02:37  "From the start" 

OWNER:  02:38   "Probably 3 to 4 weeks. It started a few days after his stomach was getting slightly bigger and tougher.

DR SING:   02:39    "Did he eat 50% less than normal?

OWNER:  02:40   "Before medication, he definitely ate less than usual.
                               "After medication, his appetite  was slightly better.

DR SING: 02:43.  "Thank you. Were his stools hard and smaller than normal?"

OWNER:   02:44   "Harder yes, definitely much darker/blacker in colour as well."

DR SING:  02:45   "Did he drink less?
OWNER:  02:46     "Yes! That's why I had to resort to feeding  him cucumber.

DR SING.  02:48   "Thank you. Most likely, your hamster had gastric distension and bleeding. Did he eat lots of sunflower seeds and husks?"

OWNER: 05:33     "Yes."

1.  The importance of X-rays in diagnosis.  
X-rays are useful as an aid to diagnosis.

Four cases are shown as examples:

CASE 1.  A Syrian hamster with a right abdominal mass may have a splenic tumour as shown in the X-ray.  (Read text and show arrows indicating NOT rush the narration...)

A Syrian hamster has a uterus over-distended with pus. It is shown by "X" in the X-ray.   A case of closed pyometra

CASE 3. A dwarf hamster has swollen abdomen distended with fluid. The fluid is shown as white dense area swelling he abdomen. A case of Ascites.

CASE 4. A dwarf hamster has an itchy swollen abdomen. A case of  large tumours shown as dense white lumps inside the abdomen. The tumours could cause endocrine alopecias.

2. What causes the Syrian hamster's abdominal swelling?

Consent was not given for X-rays in this Syrian hamster. It was likely to have GASTRIC DISTENSION based on the appearance of black stools and his love for eating his new bedding as well as eating the husks of sunflower seeds.

His stomach became filled with these indigestible foreign bodies. Gas formed, bloating his abdomen.
Over the 3 to 4 weeks, the stomach became ulcerated and bled. Hence, the owner's observation that the stools passed were hard and blacker.

In stomach bleeding, the stools passed out would be black as they passed through the intestines. They would be red if the bleeding originated from the intestines.

3. Tips and Advices

1.  Be aware of your hamster eating abnormal food or bedding.  Try not to furnish the hamster home with so many objects as shown in this image as the hamster may want to eat them, swelling his stomach with foreign bodies.

2.  Seek early veterinary treatment if your pet has a bloated stomach. 


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4114. REYNA. Insulin injection to a cat. Re-do video

Paula Cassidy
1 year ago

The instructions are drowned out by the exciting music. :(

4113. NOT DONE To merge small videos to one

3124. INTERN ABEL. short videos to be subtitled and/or merged.

1. How kittens are vaccinated and microchipped at Toa Payoh Vets, Singapore
FRAME with this text. This BKTP veterinary educational video shows how to restrain and microchip kittens in Singapore. Gentle restraint during vaccination is important. Ensure microchip does not pop out during removal of the microchip holder by pressing your thumb and forefinger onto the injection site.

Merge the video footage into one video.  Subtitles if needed.
File     20170817guinea_pig_goes_home
MVI 3364, 3365, 3366 and 3367


2.  Swollen eyes and not eating are common medical reasons seeking veterinary treatment. This video shows a stunted red-eared slider which is compared to a normal one of around the same age. Weight and length and width of carapace are markedly different.

 File     20170817guinea_pig_goes_home
MVI 3369

3.  Generalised ringworm treatment requires a 2nd review one month later.  
 File     20170817guinea_pig_goes_home
MVI 3352

This video shows the importance of returning to Toa Payoh Vets for follow-up review in the case of generalised ringworm.
The owner had 3 visits to Vet 1 but the skin disease was not cured. She came to Toa Payoh Vets and was pleased that the he dog's thigh skin was less pigmented 4 weeks after treated. There were no scales. So she did not come for review despite receiving a reminder post card.

2 weeks ago, the dog started to itch and having dandruff.
Ultraviolet light and fungal culture are done. The dog is clipped bald and treated again.

Monthly reviews of the skin disease is necessary in many cases as generalised ringworm is hard to cure.

4.  15 rotten loose teeth as the Chihuaha never had dental check up for the past 10 years.  Foul breath.
Consulted Toa Payoh Vets as the dog had difficulty eating his food as if he has oral pain.
A right facial wound discharged pus but now has closed. A right carnassial tooth abscess had been present but the tooth had dropped off when checked during dental scaling (video subtitle this footage part).

 File     20170816Funeral....

Yearly dental check up saves teeth. No check up - 15 rotten teeth extracted in a 10-year-old chihuahua.

MVI 3339 video to be before MVI  3355....etc. It is consultation. Subtitle to be done. Then merge with below footages and also subtitles. 

For dogs over 5 years, yearly dental check is especially important to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. In this case, the 15 teeth extracted could have been saved if there was yearly dental check up.
Oral tumours may form in the mouth of dogs with chronic gum diseases due to lack of dental hygiene. .

File     20170817guinea_pig_goes_home

5.  Massive haematoma. A rare case of a massive haematoma in a guinea pig.

Why the owner consulted the vet for the 4th time?
What is it?  A tumour inside the neck muscle area. A large blood vessel ruptured, leading to bleeding for many days after the 3rd visit. The vet incised and drained (VIDEO INSTAGRAM).

How to cure the guinea pig. Surgical excision. If not cancerous, The owner did not want laboratory examination of the mass removed during the 2nd visit (IMAGE INSTAGRAM). So it is not known whether the tumour is cancerous. If cancerous, it has recurred. Owner agreed to sending the tumour to the lab for histology. Video shows only Day 1-Day 3 of the GP's medical condition. Lab results are pending.

Histology is very important but some owners decline the test.

MVI  3355, 3356, 58, 59, 61  Day 3 footages
File     20170816Funeral
MVI 3350   try not to edit as you have no time. Just merge and subtitle.


6. Hair loss in the flanks of a spayed cat.

Cat came for annual vaccination. Complaint of balding left flank for past one year.  Right flank has slight hair loss.

Flank hair loss causes

1. Not due to old age. Causes include flea dermatitis, ear infections, skin infections and hormonal imbalance (endocrine alopecia) in spayed cats.

File: 20170816Funeral
MVI 3340


7. An industrial park dog "Black beard" had swollen left elbow and limb.

 Much loved by funeral parlour owner. Now lethargic
Elbow abscess incised and drained.
Lower pad ulcerated
Blood test - low red cell count, haemoglobin, platelets (take image of haematology) for inclusion.

No Babesia. (take image of test kit. ask judy) Had ticks some years ago and had recovered from tick


File: 20170816Funeral
MVI 3351 on day 1

get dog out and take picture on day 3  (Aug 18, 2017) and follow up on medical 

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4112. REYNA Marsupialisation of a mucocele in a young bear in Myanmar

 Follow through 3 months later


The following veterinary educational videos for vet students & pet owners can be viewed by going to and search "veterinary files from myanmar".

Mar 2017
Dr T T Aung treats a coughing German Shepherd puppy in Magwe

Mar 2017
Dr T T Aung and Dr Sing Kong Yuen visit White Heart Animal Rescue and Shelter, Magwe, Myanmar

Nov 2016
Dr T T Aung and Dr Sing follows up on the Asiatic bear at Thanlyn Thabarwa Centre, 5 months after ranula operation

Nov 2016
Dr T T Aung treats a rabbit not eating

Oct 2016
Drs T T Aung and T T Soe donates to an old monastery; 2 case studies from RAVS

Finding a Bear Vet in Myanmar. Pt 2
Visit to Naypytidaw Zoo

Sep 2016

Asiatic Bear 6 months old - Day 2 after operation by Scottish Vet and Aung

Sep 2016
2nd operation on the Asiatic bear's ranula by Dr T T Aung and a Scottish vet. Pt 4

Sep 2016
Dr Sing's Post-op review of ranula operation by marsupialisation on an Asiatic Bear. Pt 6

Perineal urethrostomy in a cat house-call follow up with Dr T T Aung

Sep 2016

Dr Sing and Aung visits the Asiatic Bear 3 months after ranula operation

Sep 2016
Perineal urethrostomy surgery in a cat by Dr T T Aung - Final Video
Dr Aung shares his surgical procedure knowledge on video

Jun 2016
Bear at Thabarwa Centre Pt 4. Pre-op check up at Thabarwa Centre, Thanlyn

Jun 2016
Sublingual mucoecoele in a bear Pt 4. Surgery by Scottish wildlife vet with T T Aung

Jun 2016. Visit bear at Thabarwa Centre, before tongue surgery Pt 3

Dec 2015
A Siberian Husky in Yangon has seizures

Dec 2015
Visit to RAVS - layout plan

Oct 2015
A Yangon cat cannot give birth

Sep 2014
A testimonial for Dr T T Aung who started his own practice in Yangon. One of the rare vets who treats veterinary medicine as a calling rather than as a money-making business.

Sep 2014
Visit to Yezin Univ of Vet Science

Aug 2014
House-call at Hyatt Hotel, Singapore with Dr T T Aung in 2010 house call cat swallowed a needle
About Dr T T Aung

Dr Sing and T T Aung gave talk to University of Yezin final year students under MVA
visits university campus and rural areas

Aug 2014
Nystagmus and cloudy cornea in a Shih Tzu puppy

Aug 2014
Nervous signs of distemper in a Yangon English Cocker Spaniel puppy

Aug 2014
A Myanmarese cat has pyometra. Video in Myanmar language

Aug 2014.  Depo-Medo inj leads to pyometra in Yangon cats.
A Myanmarese cat has pyometra. Video in English language.

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4111. REYNA. Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches? Dragonfly series

USE THE FOLLOWING FOR OTHER VIDEOS. Remember "viewer discretion". Dragonfly series

Apr 17, 2020. Reyna to edit the footages according to what is required in each of the 4 videos


STORY TELLING USING THE 3D's to sell a product or service
All wrapped up in Drama

*Use 3 D's in story telling. See:
(Reyna --- References:  BLOG. NO. 4077
Blogs No. 4074, 2955, 4104 for video footages)

Use Images of similar conditions (dental disease, jaw abscess)  from other guinea pigs and rabbits.


4 videos as follows:

Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?
Overview. Video 1/4

Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?  
Diagnosis. Video 2/4

Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?  
Treatment. Video 3/4

Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?  
Prevention. Video 4/4


Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?  
Overview. Video 1/4

Show the healthy guinea pig from Agnes - eating hay and drinking water, poop size and number. Active running. This is what a heathy guinea pig looks like.

Constrast to the case study. 1 minute of the video showing drooling, not well groomed, ears dirty, overgrown incisors. etc.  What happened to this guinea pig?

This is Video 1/4 discussing the overview of the case. This 5-year-old guinea pig had lose a lot of weight. The reason is that he had bad teeth. Hence he could not eat properly. His front teeth were overgrown (any image) and his molar spurs are entraping  his tongue or cutting his inner cheek.    


Do Guinea Pigs suffer from toothaches?  Yes, they do.  The most painful one must be the dental abscess. An abscess is a collection of pus. A dental abscess originates from the bacterial infection of the root of the cheek teeth. The infection leads to formation of pus. The pus accumulates and swells the under surface of the skin of the lower jaw. (ILLUSTRATION OF ABSCESS )

It is so painful that the guinea pig stops eating or eats very little. He loses weight fast. The presenting sign is a globular swelling around the lower jaw.  (IMAGE). Foul-smelling thick cheesy pus churn inside the thick-walled abscess (SYRINGE ASPIRATION FOOTAGE). The abscess turns into a ping-pong ball swelling as seen in the case of a 5-year-old Guinea Pig seen at Toa Payoh Vets in 2016 (VIDEO FOOTAGE OF SWELLING). 

“My guinea pig has overgrown front teeth again," Mr Chan said. "I have come monthly for the last 6 months to get his teeth clipped. He ate very well after clipping, but I had to come every month.

"Look at him today, " Mr Chan put the pet on the examination table. "He has lost a lot of weight. He is very light weight now.  His chin is wet with saliva. He looks like a run-down homeless person!"

"I have your records here," I showed Mr Chan that his last visit was more than 2 months ago. "You must have been busy. Your guinea pig missed his tooth trimming for 2 months.

"Your guinea pig could have had all his 4 front teeth extracted," I did advise last time. "This usually resolve your problem of having to come for monthly trimming." 

"It would have been too expensive for me. Will you trim his front teeth again?" Mr Chan requested.

"Look at this swelling on the left lower jawYour guinea pig now has a big swelling on his lower jaw, hidden by his hair," I showed Mr Chan the dental abscess. "That means you pet has infection of the root area of the molar. That abscess caused him to eat much less as he has a painful mouth!"

"What is your advice to treat him?" Mr Chan asked.

"As your guinea pig is malnourished, dehydrated and not eating, I need to give him fluid therapy and antibiotic injection to help him recover. (VIDEO OF SC INJECTION)

The next day, I will need to do an X-ray (IMAGE) to check which of his left cheek teeth is decayed and then, tooth extraction. is that Ok with you?"

"Will there be any other tests as my pocket is not deep."

"I will skip a blood test and biopsy and bacterial culture for effective drugs to lower your medical cost.  As for treatment, there are 3 options. The least expensive of the 3 treatments ---lance and drain the abscess (ILLUSTRATION). We will do this."

The owner consented to the procedures. The guinea pig was warded for at least 5 days.


1. Monthly clipping of the overgrown front teeth is less expensive per trip as compared to surgery. However, owners tend to forget or delay the task. The guinea pig cannot eat properly, loses weight and develop dental abscess. (IMAGE OF DENTAL ABSCESS).

2.  Surgery to extract all the 6 overgrown front teeth of this guinea pig, if performed well will result in no more overgrown teeth.    

This is the end of Video 1/4. Please follow through to view
Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?  
Diagnosis. Video 2/4

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phone 6254-3326, 9668-6468,,


Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?  
Diagnosis. Video 2/4

We use this 2-year-old male (Agnes' guinea pig) to demonstrate the procedures of diagnosis 

The guinea pig has 20 teeth. He has 4 front teeth called incisors. He has 16 cheek teeth called premolars and molars. He has no canine teeth. In addition, his teeth grow continuously. Therefore he has to wear down his teeth by continuous chewing of hard food like hay.

If he is fed pellets only and little or no hay, his teeth overgrow. How do we diagnose his dental condition?

Diagnosis consists of:
1. The Physical Examination
2. The Mouth Examination - Otoscopic examination or buccal gag.
3.  Dental X-rays.

1. General Examination
2. Visual Examination
3. Palpation with fingers

1. Physical Examination consists of general examination, visual check up and palpation

1.1  General examination - BCS, T, P, R, Active, EDUS, Heart, Lung ausculatation, Lymph node and abdominal palpation.

2.  Visual check up.   Check eye, nose, ears for discharge, inflammation, swelling, lumps and tumours.  Show opthalmoscope and otoscope examination.

2.1  Specific procedures for dental abscess are as follows:Wrap the guinea pig inside a towel. If he is fractious, sedate him.

Open the mouth with  thumb and forefingers/buccal gag (use buccal gag).

3.   Palpation of the side of the face where the upper and lower cheek teeth are located. I used my thumb and forefinger to feel the sides. As you can see in the video, the 2-year-old guinea pig did not object to my touching. That means he has no painful mouth or molar spurs.

3.1  Palpate along the junction of the upper and lower jaws for dental abscess. Could be hidden by the long coat esp. at the junction of upper and lower jaws.
Show how this is done in Agnes' GP.
1.4. If an abscess is seen in the mouth or around the jaw, it may indicate DENTAL DISEASE. The vet needs to identify and remove any problematic teeth. To do that, the vet will need to do X-rays of the mouth.
Insert an image of the case study with dental abscess.


2. The Mouth Examination - Otoscopic examination or buccal gag.

 Wrap the guinea pig inside the towel or slight gas anaesthetic if fractious
Demonstrate with otoscope.
Then demonstrate with buccal gag as some vets may not have otoscope. 

3.  Dental X-rays to be done. Oblique  lateral view so that the cheek teeth do NOT overlap. Can see bone lysis etc  EXPLAIN THE X-RAY  text... 

The vet needs to interpret the skull X-rays in the video

3.1.   X-ray. Must take oblique view so that the cheek teeth do not overlap. Should take 2 views. See X-ray taken. Narrate the text and show the decayed tooth (M2).

Narrartive and point to every word to analyse and explain the formation of
the dental abscess


1. Blood test is advised but not done in this case. The owner wanted to reduce medical costs. A blood test will show either normal or increase/decrease in total white cell count. if the total white cell very high = bacteraemia. If low = septicaemia.  (SHOW SOME IMAGES OF BLOOD COLLECTION BOTTLES)

2. Bacterial culture for antibiotic sensistivity tests is advised. This was not done to reduce medical cost.

3. In the diagnosis of dental abscess, the three procedures are recommended:

1. The Physical Examination
2. The Otoscopic examination or use of the buccal gag to examine the mouth properly.
3.  Dental X-rays - The lateral view must be oblique.. 

This is the end of Video 2/4.  Please follow through with Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?  
Treatment. Video 3/4

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phone 6254-3326, 9668-6468,,

Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?  
Treatment. Video 3/4

Dental abscesses are swollen or infected wounds that originated from the teeth. If there is a long delay, the guinea pig becomes emaciated, malnourished, dehydrated and die.
(X -ray and image and video footage)

Treatment involves 3 steps.
1. Clipping of the overgrown front teeth.
 Clipping of the molar spurs (Two images below).
2. Removal of the dental abscess --- 3 methods
    2.1  Incise and drain - least expensive, but may recur.
    2.2  Surgical removal of the encapsulated abscess (as in a subcutaneous tumour removal). Stitch up after excision of the capsule. 
    2.3  Marsupialisation in cases where there is recurrence after incision and drainage procedures.
3. Extraction of the decayed molar tooth. 

 If your guinea pig is affected by a swelling at the angle of the jaws, take it to the vet for a formal diagnosis. The cause of the abscess will then determine how the wound is treated. The abscess may be caused by fighting wounds or it may be a dental abscess.

Antibiotics, drainage, and surgery are all common treatments. 

There was a gigantic left dental abscess. Pre-treatment include injections of fluid and baytril (videof ootage)



Why is the mouth painful? The lingual spurs of the molars grow
inwards, cutting the tongue or trapping the tongue inside the two
rows of spurs. So the guinea pig cannot swallow or drink water properly.

The buccal spurs of the molars grow outwards, cutting the cheeks. Painful infected
cheek ulcer cause loss of appetite and dehydration as the guinea pig
eats and drinks very little to survive. He becomes emaciated
and malnourished. Death will be the end of him.  

The incisors have had been trimmed before photography. A mouth
gag is used to open the mouth and you can see the molar spurs
very well. If there is no mouth gag, an otoscope may be used to check the
inside of the mouth for the existence of the molar spurs. 

DENTAL ABSCESS Medical and surgical treatments are required. Three surgical treatment options are available for the treatment of dental abscess. 1. INCISION AND DRAINAGE. At Toa Payoh Vets, I incised and drain the abscess. I made a long incision, drained out the pus. Daily irrigate the wound with antispetics for 7 days. The owner can continue at home for another 7 days. The abscess may recur later. Cheapest method. Least anaesthetic risk. (some footage from the video - clipping bald the swollen aea). Aspiration alone is not effective as the pus forms.. The decayed molar tooth can be extracted when the guinea pig is in better health.  The owner has to return for this dental work. However, the owner did not return for dental work or had gone to another vet.

2. ENCAPSULATED ABSCESS SURGICALLY REMOVED. Remove the capsule of the encapsulated abscess. The stin wound is stitched up. An eliabeth Collar is worn. Daily cleaning of the wound for 10 days. Antibiotics. There will be no recurrence. The guinea pig was in poor health and therefore not done till he was rehydrated and stronger.
3. MARSUPIALISATION. Ooening up a big hole, drain the abscess and stitch the mucosa (inside layer) of the abscess to the skin, creating an open wound. The wound can be flushed daily. (ILLUSTRATION OF THE PROCEDURE) SHOWING THE EVERTED WOUND WITH MUCOSA STITCHED TO SKIN.

4. The next step. EXTRACTION OF THE MOLAR (SEE -RAY) . The decayed tooth must be extracted using rodent-dental set. It may be near the ventral opening of the abscess and can be pulled out using forceps.

  • An abscess in the mouth or around the jaw may be a symptom of dental disease. Your vet may need to identify and remove any problematic teeth. Skull X-rays arf needed.
  • Get surgery if there is a jaw (dental) abscess. If the abscess is severe, your vet may recommend the more detailed surgery rather than incision and drainage.

    This surgery is called Encapsulated Abscess Removal. it will completely remove the abscess  This is needed when the vet cannot fully drain the abscess or if other, underlying problems are contributing to the abscess.

    The other surgery is called Marsupialisation. The vet makes a long surgical wound. He stitches the inside layer (mucosa) of the wound to the skin. The sutures will remain on your guinea pig for up to two weeks.  You will need to syringe saline into the wound to flush out any pus and debri daily for around 2 weeks. Let the vet know if you prefer him to do it in his practice.

    The guinea pig wears an Elizabeth collar to prevent scratching of the wound Painkillers will be prescribed. Hone nursing by daily cleaning of the wound is important.  
Medications are usually are delivered by mouth.
  • Baytril and Bactrim are the most common antibiotics given to guinea pigs.
  • If it is a fungal infection, he may be given Griseofulvin.
  • Many common antibiotics, such as Amoxycillin and tetracycline, are toxic to guinea pigs when given by mouth. However, they may be injected under some circumstances, as this has less impact on your pet's gut health. 
As guinea pigs are strictly herbivorous animals, one veterinary report the recommended antibiotic treatment for odontogenic abscesses is a combination of fluoroquinolones and metronidazole.

This is the end of Video 2/4.  Please follow through with Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?  
Prevention. Video 4/4

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phone 6254-3326, 9668-6468,,
Do guinea pigs suffer toothaches?  
Prevention. Video 4/4

Prevent the guinea pig from chewing or licking the wound. Your guinea pig or its cage mates may try to lick or nibble the area. If so, take a chewing deterrent (which you can buy at a pet store), and dab it around the wound. Do not put it in the wound itself.
  • Your vet may give you a special collar that you can put on your guinea pig to prevent it from chewing the wound.

1. FREQUENT INSPECTION.  check your guinea pig's jaw frequently feeling for any lump or swelling along the jaws.  They may be dental  abscesses.

2. WEIGH WEEKLY. Any weight loss will alert you to a possibility of overgrown incisors or molar spurs before dental abscess develops. 

Feed the guinea pig a healthy diet. The abscess may have caused your guinea pig to lose its appetite. As it recovers, it needs a healthy, well-rounded diet with plenty of Vitamin C. Offer your guinea pig its favorite treats during this period, and make sure it has plenty of water.[12]
  • Give your guinea pig softer hays to eat, such as oatmeal hay, instead of bristly or sharp hay. This will prevent future mouth and jaw abscesses. Hay should be 80% of the diet, not pellets.
  • Make sure that the pellets you feed the guinea pig are fortified with Vitamin C.
  • If your guinea pig refuses to eat, you should take it back to the vet. You may have to feed it with a syringe.

summarisess the case history and diagnosis but not the treatment

clipping the overgrown front teeth
1:43 to


In introduction or conclusion of the 4 videos,