Friday, November 27, 2020

3918. Battle of the lynx spiders on video. Rare performance.


Singapore's very small wild flowers

27 Nov 2020. Very surprising to see "upturned umbrella" flowers. 

3916. Font squirrel



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Goudy Stout fonts


Thursday, November 26, 2020

3915. A rare miniature blue wildflower is sighted

 This miniature blue wildflower is hard to photograph from standing as it is very small. Its petals are around 5 mm wide and it grows closer to the soil level. 

Bright morning sunlight shone on this flower. I managed to focus on the stamens and got a good photograph to share. 

Photoshop. I used Ctrl A and Ctrl T to enlarge and crop this flower to a bigger size to view

Another small wild flower rarely seen

Thanksgiving 26 November 2020

An overcast day with rain in the evening.

A memorable day as I celebrated Thanksgiving with some family members.

The turkey took 7 hours to be roasted and although it was small at 12-14 kg as compared to those over 20 kg, it tasted very tender and "sweet". The secret would be careful roasting with muselin cloth and taking meat temperature. 

"An overburnt turkey at Thanksgiving portends bad luck when Christmas comes," Mrs Wong, my host said. "That is why my step daughter-in-law in Australia did not present turkey for Thanksgiving."    

"Covid 19 pandemic," her brother sliced the turkey for us. "Can't go to Istanbul nowadays." He meant that Turkey came to us as we could not travel to Turkey.

"Don't show your photos in Facebook," another brother nicknamed "Fay Low" said to me. "Otherwise the government will go after you." He did not know that I was one of the 5 outsiders invited for dinner. 

The law permitted a maximum of 5 outside the family to celebrate in the home. Earlier Mrs Wong had told me that she did not invite any others, in case she breached the safe-distancing law. 

Lots of food including ham, potatoes, bread, soup, pie and Christmas cake. I contributed US grapes and the expensive Australian cherries from the vendor "Fatty Fruit Stalls." The net 2 kg cherries from cost me $100. The cherries were firm and slightly sweet. 

Sister 3 limps. Had swollen big right toe. "Gout," she was making the Mehlita coffee from a new packet via a filter. "Ate too much pork and tou fou." Coffee was excellent. Not diluted, bitter or sourish. She knows how to make good coffee. She ate one "fat" peanut despite the pain of gout, much to her husband's disappointment. 

Poor Ah Ma. Around 90 years old. "If only I can have my legs amputated and replaced with prothesis...the pain is unbearable," I was shocked to hear her expression "perhaps an injection for me to sleep forever. No more pain."  She also expressed that egg white and salt wrapped around her knees were effective, but "they caused intense itchiness over some applications!"  

"Could she be suffering from knee arthritis or no synovial fluid?" I asked. No answer. Much medication and home remedies, acupuncturists and a New Zealander chiropractor packaged deals to do. But no relief of leg pain. Could it be leg misalignment, thereby needing an orthotist to alleviate food and leg pain by fixing her walking posture?

She was able to see the humour in her knee pain. We could feel her pain. Was it ageing?

Mrs Wong's mother of a similar age did complain of leg pain too. Her two forearms showed large patches of red inflammation. She was taken to the specialist. "Psoriasis" was the diagnosis. Her bedroom would be painted and she slept downstairs. "I drink water while you all drink wine," to celebrate Thanksgiving," she said to us. 

My wife did ask whether President Trump would win his lawsuits for election fraud. "If over 700,000 extra votes were found when only 1.7 million voters cast their votes," I said. "Surely that would be evidence of election fraud in Georgia?". So, President Trump was correct in foreseeing election fraud in postal votes. It could be the software hacking that cause the fraud, whether postal votes or direct votes as the software would manipulate the results to favour Biden.   

Overall, it was a real good Thanksgiving dinner. I felt drowsy. Maybe it was the brandy in the Christmas cake or wine in the turkey? There was much conversation.  As I left at 11.15 pm for home, I felt that this was one of those rare happiest family reunion dinner with no outsiders who would need to be attended to and entertained. As all guests must.  




Tuesday, November 24, 2020

3913. Tribute to Pigu, My Fiesty Fighter Ham


K is one of the happy customers I had encountered over my 50 years.  Thank you to K for the 5-star review in google. She loved her hamster Pigu very much. Now she had an excellent video made for Pigu. (Dr Sing Kong Yuen). 

3 months ago-
Positive: Reliability, Value
I came across Dr Sing's Youtube Channel and saw numerous videos that he had posted on hamsters' medical conditions and that gave me the faith to bring my hamster down to TPY Vets for its first treatment in 2019.

My hamster had a slew of medical problems (impacted scent gland, skin itch, abrasions and cuts on skin, ear wart, tumour, cherry eye and hematoma) and he was checked in very often for consultations and treatments at TPY Vets. 😅

Throughout this journey, I can affirm that TPY Vets is truly a compassionate veterinary clinic that does not charge exorbitant fees and dispenses sound advices, while proving to have the knowledge and expertise to perform surgeries for small animals.

Thank you Dr Sing, Dr Daniel, Hsu, Reena for taking good care of Pigu The Feisty Ham over the past 1 year plus. ❤️



Tribute To Pigu, My Feisty Fighter Ham 🐹

Dear Pigu The Feisty Ham,

You were in a class of your own, a special one who had captured my heart back in March 2018 when I first saw the little you in the office. I don't know what sorcery was that because I was not particularly fond of hamsters. Oh well, that was the kind of charm that you had that had many of us swooning over you. 😉

Time has this magic potion that can change the way we feel about people, things, situations, etc. and this magic potion has worked and deepened my love for you till the point that I think I should adopt (or rather abduct) you back to my safe haven — a place that I call home — in March 2019. 😄

Oh man, you were not shy to let me know who was the real boss in the house! 🙄 In the next 16 months that ensued, you had visited your favourite veterinarian, Dr Sing, more times that I have seen a doctor.

Now lest you forget, here is a recap on the slew of problems that you had that warranted for medical attention:

- Impacted scent gland

- Frequent skin itch that had you on incessant doses of Baytril and Prednisone

- Abrasion on left elbow

- Cut on skin

- Ear wart growth on left ear and surgical intervention was encouraged  

- Cherry eye (right eye)

- Tumour growth in August 2019 and surgical intervention was necessary

- Relapse of tumour in May 2020 and subsequently it became a hematoma which expectedly ruptured 

The bursting of the hematoma on 14th July 2020 only meant massive blood loss, a weak hind leg and open wound to you as you continued to live your life to the fullest, eating heartily like the way you used to when you were young, picked yourself up when you fell down countless times and it was definitely no mean feat that you even succeeded in running the wheel after several attempts on 19th July 2020. 😏

You went against all odds and defied what the 24 hour emergency clinic veterinarian said about you on the night of 14th July — that you would not be able to survive past the night. You did! 🥳 Even Dr Sing asked if I have prayed because it was indeed a miracle that you survived the night. Sadly, the wound was not recovering well and unexplained wounds started appearing and it left you in much pain but even in the increasingly bad state that you were in, what tickled me was that you were still a glutton. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Alas, the saddest day of the year for me was on 26th July 2020 — the 12th day and last day of you living on borrowed time. 😌 Somehow it seems that you were holding on and waiting for our daily evening ritual when you know I will pick you up and feed you with your favourite apple and corn. In retrospect, I should have fed you with your fresh supply of apple and corn earlier when your head already felt cold to the touch at 3ish pm. At 5:55pm, you were so feeble that you did not manage to have your last apple but amazingly, your legs gave a few good kicks (even better than the professional footballers) for a few seconds when I played the song "Amazing Grace" to send you off on your last journey on Earth. Thank you for waiting and holding on for this has brought me much comfort — to be able to hold you in my palms for 23 minutes, bid you goodbye and comfort you as you took your last breath. ❤

Despite having to go through the pain of losing you and the void that your absence left in the past few months, I would not have made a different decision if time were to turn back to March 2019. Through you, I have seen what resilience meant; you gave me courage to battle it out with the cockroaches with a bamboo laundry pole instead of reaching out for the trusted "Baygon" for fear that it will be harmful to you too; and you showed me that I was capable of loving a pet hamster to such extremity, which was certainly peculiar to many people. 😂

The times that we had together are deeply etched in my memory and these precious memories will be something that I will always hold dear to my heart.❤️ 

Run free now and continue to have your decadent indulgence as you enjoy your retirement in Hammie Wonderland.🐹🌈

Miss you, Pigu My Feisty Fighter Ham 🐹