Wednesday, February 27, 2019

3445. A Jack Russell has blood in the urine and dysuria after boarding for 8 weeks

Feb 28, 2019  Thursday

"She still has difficulty passing urine today," the owner was worried. "She only had this problem by passing blood in the urine after being boarded at this Platinum Dogs Club! Have you heard of this boarding kennel?"

"Yes, I read about the Club in the newspapers," I replied.

I examined the dog. "Good news, the bladder is eimpty and no bladder stone is palpated."Slight left kidney pain on palpation.

1.  Blood test - normal. Generally healthy
2.  X-rays - no urinary stone. The dog was fed lamb bones, hence the bone fragments in the intestines.

3.  Urine test showed Urinary Tract Infection

pH 8.0 (5-8)  alkaline urine
SG 1.035 (1.005-1.030)
Blood 4+, Protein 3+, Ketone +, White blood cells more than 900/uL, Red blood cells 324/uL,
Epithelial cells 5/uL, Bacteria 2+. Triple phosphate +.

Feb 25, 2019
Dr Daniel prescribed antibiotics and Acidurin 2 tab twice a day for 10 days.

Feb 28, 2019
Follow up today. Complaint that the dog is still having some difficulty in urination.


The dog was fed home-cooked food including lamb in the past years. During her boarding at 2 kennels including Platinum Dogs Club, the owner does not know what diet was fed. The owner said that dysuria occurred some days after boarding.

Over the last year, the dog had been scootering (rubbing her backside on the floor) despite clearance of the anal sac oil. I could not express any anal sac oil during consultation.

I advised Hills' Prescription Diet Canine C/D for 6 months to acidify the urine and dissolve the triple phosphate crystals in the urine.  A urine test 6 months later to be done.

Update: Mar 3, 2019. No complaints of blood in the urine (haemturia) or difficulty in urination (dysuria)


An X-ray of another dog with dysuria - a bladder stone

Monday, February 25, 2019

3444. Male red-breasted parakeet, pink-necked green pigeon, sparrow seen on Feb 25, 2019

Feb 25, 2019  Mon    8.10am

A sparrow appeared twice, hopping on branches in this tree at Singapore General Hospital at 4pm while I waited for a person having eye stitch removal at Plastic Surgery Dept. He hopped at various levels, went to the ground to walk and flew away. A few minutes later, came back, did the same perching up and down the branches for me to take photos.