Tuesday, December 11, 2018

3369. Photography: Secrets to impress street art judges - Digital Photographer Issue 207

Dec 12, 2018

1. Differences in content, technique, composition and tone and sometimes less subtle.
2. Bad composition, weak subject selection, misunderstanding of the rules of composition
3. Your entry needs to be relatable to the judges in some way to grab their attention. No point having personal attachment to an image that has no special meaning to anyone else.

4. Originality is important. Avoid cliches. A street image's well-seen moment executed in  thoughtful way overrides any technical hitches.

Submissions that elicit a visceral, emotional response make a lasting impact. 'Standout' does not mean in your face. Some original resonate with the judges.

5. A tip regarding title. Can put viewers off or invite them in. Best to title your works "untitled" or give location and date as title. Judges don't like obvious titles. Allow viewer to form their personal narrative can help you get one step ahead.

6. Keep editing subtle. No colour filters, HDR or spot colouring. These are a big photo judging turn-off

7. Simplest things that are being expressed are the best.

Street photography
By Linda Wisdom


Monday, December 10, 2018

3368. Carnassial tooth abscess in the dog is common

Dec 11, 2018

A non-healing skin wound with pus under the eye is a sign of carnassial tooth abscess in the dog. This is most common compared to traumatic injury or tooth cancer.

3367. X RAYS. Two red-eared sliders are not eating for 2 months

TP 50560     F/15 yrs old  Ninja
Anorexia, no stools, swims lop sided to RHS. Complaint constipation.

Several weeks of syringe-feeding Critical care/pellet/multivit/neurobion.
Finally ate on her own. Owner persevere in syringe feeding. Still swims lop sided.

TP 50659. F/3 yrs old
Anorexia 2 months, less stools, mouth bleeding
Dec 9, 2018 review. Ate 40 pellets + canned salmon in water. No pooping aside from the first day we started soaking the food with the canned fish. Should we leave her in the water longer?

REPLY. Yes. 2x/day. Sunlight 9 - 11 am or 3 to 5 pm (weekends) as owner works during weekdays.

Friday, December 7, 2018

3366. A low grade malignant adenocarcinoma

The owner discovered the "cherry tomato" lump present in the left inguinal area, near the scrotum. She had it excised and did a histology. The report showed low-grade malignant adenocarcinoma.

3365. A 14-year-old female Jack Russell dies from bacteraemia

Dec 7, 2018.
After a midnight bath to clean stepped-on stools covering her feet, the dog became lethargic. The dog has cataracts and so could not see. She stepped on her stools. As the dog was very weak, the owner consulted me.

The dog did not have fever. Her teeth had thick tartar and she has gum disease.

Blood test shows
1. A very high neutrophilic leucocytosis, indicating a bacterial infection of the blood.  Total white cell count = 58.8. Normal = 6-17.  Neutrophils = 96%. Normal = 70% and absolute numbers = 56. Normal =3-12. 
2. Anaemia. Red cell count 5.2. Normal = 5.5 -8.5. Haemoglobin 10. Normal = 12-18.
3. Liver disorder. ALT = 161. Normal = less than 59.  AST = 243. Normal = less than 81.
4. High blood urea = 10.5. Normal = 4.2 -6.3.
5. Low glucose = 2.8. Normal = 4.4 - 8.0.

IV drip and antibiotics were given. The dog passed away 4 hours later, due to overwhelming infection. Bacteria could have come from the rotten teeth inside the mouth. As the old dog has poor immune system, the bacteria spread fast inside the body.

In 2016. See:


This was excised by Dr Sing Kong Yuen and the dog recovered very well.
There was no histopathology done to reduce medical costs.  However, now, 2 years later, there is no recurrence of the tumour. Hence it was a benign mammary tumour.

VIDEO on Dec 7, 2018


Jan 10, 2017
 A very rare case of a large bluish "breast tumour" in a female not spayed Jack Russell. Surgery revealed 90% dark brown blood-tinged fluid and 10% cystic cells. No histology is done to reduce medical costs. The dog is OK now.  See another video at:

 UPDATE on Dec 7, 2018
 The dog had a high blood bacterial infection and passed away on Dec 8, 2018. See video

Thursday, December 6, 2018

3364. A 12-year-old poodle becomes very itchy after coming home from the groomer.

Dec 7, 2018

Day 3 of in-patient. No more itchy body or foul-smelling odour today. Rashes have subsided considerably. Ringworm cannot be ruled out.  Bathing daily for the past 3 days. Goes home today.