Thursday, August 30, 2018

3256. INTERN. A 15-year-old English Cocker has 40 skin warts and one ear tumour


Some of us are fortunate to live to a ripe old age. With old age, some people do get one or multiple skin warts. These are cauliflower-like skin tumours, said to be caused by a virus.  Old dogs do get skin warts too as in this case.

Get footage of video showing warts in ear and skin on Day 1 and Day 3.


Singapore is a modern city where more than 80% of the residents live in high-rises. Singapore's Toa Payoh town is over 50 years old. New apartments are being built over the land from demolished ones.  The new ones such as the image shown was completed in 1980.



OLD APARTMENTS, some as old as 50 years.

The population has a high percentage of older people as the town is over 50 years old. Younger people love to buy apartment in this old town as it is near to downtown Orchard Road.

Dogs live a longer life compared to 30 years ago as they are better cared for. With old age, there are chronic diseases that need to be treated and controlled. In this case, the 15-year-old male neutered English Cocker Spaniel develops around 40 skin warts all over his body. He had warts in his right upper lip and a large ear tumour. His teeth had thick crusted tartar.

The lady owner decided to get him treated and WhatsApp me the images of the warts for a quotation.


TREATMENT - Electrosurgery is a process of using electricity to cut away the warts and ear tumour instead of using a scalpel blade.

This is a very old dog. He has a high anaesthetic risks of death. The owner signed the Consent Form for anaesthesia after being informed of the risks.

Sedation of a very low dose of domitor and ketamine at 0.15ml each given IV was given to this 15 kg dog. The dog was maintained on isoflurane gas anaesthesia at 1.5% although 2.5% would be needed in young dogs.

The dog gagged in the middle of electro-surgery cutting off the skin warts, as if he was going to vomit. "Take out the endotracheal tube which brings gas to the lungs," I told my assistant. "Do not push it in further as the dog may want to vomit."  I gave gas by mask and the dog slept through the 1.5-hour surgery including dental work.  40 warts and an ear tumour were cut off using electricity.






DAY 3. Review before going home.


Old dogs do die during anaesthesia if they are weak, e.g. having anaemia and bacteria in the blood stream. It is best to treat and postpone the surgery.

In such old dogs, the lowest sedation must be used. Or use only 100% gas anaesthesia to ensure no death on the operating table.  The shorter the surgery, the higher the chance of survival. In this case, it took 1.5 hours to excise the warts and stitch up the bleeding wounds as well as do dental work. An IV drip with multivitamin Bs and Baytril antibiotic was also given.

Blood test showed that the dog had a bacterial infection of the blood (high total white cell count) and anaemia (low total red cell count and haemoglobin). Iron injections, multivitamins and antibiotics are prescribed for this old dog.  

The owner was happy with the good outcome because the dog is OK after anaesthesia.He goes home on Day 3 with teeth scaled. This dog had good teeth at this age. Warts are likely caused by the papilloma viruses spreading into the skin. No histology of the ear tumour is done to lower medical costs.

UPDATE ON SEP 7, 2018. The owner is satisfied with the outcome.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

3255. INTERN. A speedy young Roborovski has a hole in his chin

Aug 29, 2018


Itchy lower chin, hair loss and inflamed skin. A big scab is seen. 



Singapore is a modern city of around 6 million residents including foreigners. Over 80% of the residents live in apartments.

Most of the younger generation has access to the internet and are internet savvy.  They surf the net for specific information about their pet's health, take note of adverse comments of service providers in forums and seek the veterinarian who can help their pet.   

The young lady of a Roborovski dwarf hamster around 6 months of age noticed a scab and scratched area of the left chin and neck. She surfed the internet and consulted me today, August 29, 2018.

The Roborovski hamster is a very energetic like a speeding car. So I had to anaeshesize her to do a proper examination and treatment. I took images of pre- and post-treatment for the young lady so she could understand the seriousness of the jaw abscess and infections of her young hamster. The images are as follows:

Before treatment

After removal of the scab, drainage of the pus and clearance of the debri.

Jaw bone is exposed and may not be infected. Upper front teeth overgrew to become longer and deviated. They were trimmed

Early detection by the young lady owner resulted in early treatment. This was effective in preventing further spread of pus under the skin and into the neck muscles as in an earlier case of a Syrian hamster with large left lower jaw abscess.

This case is recorded at Blog No. 3235

Bacterial infection of the lower incisor roots into the jaw bone causing abscess of the jaw bone
in this Syrian hamster


Good images pre- and post-treatment educate the younger educated pet owner as she cannot be present during the operation. They instill confidence in the veterinary practice.

The images were taken in this video were created with my Canon EOS 70D and EFS 18-135 mm lens, Program mode and Auto focus.  Digital photography is an excellent skill and enable the vet to communicate better with the clients. 

3254. INTERN. A 3-year-old female spayed poodle vomits blood and pass gas

August 29, 2018

Vomited fresh red blood 2 x today. Owner is very worried.
Not eating for 3 days. Diarrhoea for 3 days. Passed lots of smelly gas
Had fed chicken bones 1-2 weeks ago.

X RAY shows no large chicken bones. Stomach and intestines distended with gas.

Acute gastroenteritis
IV drip, antibiotics, multivitamins, anti-diarrhoea one day.
Goes home next day.

Vomiting fresh blood is a serious condition. Most likely, some foreign bodies had irritated the guts leading to vomiting and diarrhoea. The blood test shows normal blood system, liver and kidneys.

3253. A brown pigeon posed for me on the tree during my exercise Aug 29, 2018 8.10am

Aug 29, 2018 Thur

Yesterday, Aug 28, 2018 was Wang Mu Niang Niang's birthday (18th day of the Chinese ghost festival).

Today, I went for exercise in the public fitness park, hoping to see the birds on the tree opposite my exercise machine. A brown pigeon flew to the tree, hidden partially by leaves and posed for me.  So, I got only one good photo out of over 20 blurred ones.

Not able to focus as the pigeon was 2 storeys high up the leafy tree. It flew to the roadside kerb and I took 2 images which did not look sharp or brown. 

Two species of mushrooms were present on Aug 29, 2018 around 8am