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3216. A 4-year-old rabbit has a recurring jaw abscess

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 - A 4-year-old rabbit stopped eating. He has two large left lower jaw swellings. What to do?


Setting - Singapore is a city state with a population of around 6 million people. Over 80% of the residents live in high-rises. (Video, see youtube).

Rabbits are popular pets. Jaw abscess is one common problem. Causes may be due to malocclusion,  improper feeding or insufficient hay    (do research yourself).

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                           - Other dental cases in rabbits


1. Financial costs involving anaesthesia and surgery are high.

Owner opts for lancing and drainage. Sometimes the decayed cheek teeth can be extracted during drainage as in one case.

2. Supporting evidence is required for a proper treatment. X-rays are needed.
3. Special dental equipment for rabbits are needed, esp. to open the mouth for tooth extraction (Take an image of dental equipment). Endotracheal tube size 2.5 to 3.0 (show image) is sometimes needed other than gas mask for tooth extraction.

4. Dental extraction of infected tooth is usually effective. In this case, Vet 1 had removed all right cheek teeth, causing the owner over $1,000 in cost.

5.  Many pet owners are knowlegeable and travelled to many countries. They use the internet to research their rabbit diseases or get travel information. Therefore the vet must be up-to-date on the diagnosis and treatment of rabbit diseaes.





X rays
Jun (one abscess incised and drained
Jul 2018 (two abscesses now. extract one cheek tooth).


Comparison before surgery. This is the normal cheek teeth position of a rabbit. 6 upper and 5 lower cheek teeth per jaw properly aligned.

Two abscesses. Lower cheek teeth No. 2's root has decayed and will be extracted.
Two encapsulated abscesses will be taken out.
 Surrounding left lower jaw bone has infection (oseteomyelitis)

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Other dental cases at Toa Payoh Vets

1.  April 2011. Facial abscess

2. March 2009. Cheek abscess in a rabbit

3. April 2004. Gangrenous jaw abscess in a rabbit mistaken for a tumour


SUPPORTING INFORMATION FOR INTERNS - Use relevant video, data and images

Some months ago, Vet 1 removed all teeth on the right jaw bones. A swelling was present on Jun 28, 2018. It was lanced and drained. All was OK for 3 weeks. Then, the swelling recurred and another X-ray was taken. 

Jul 31, 2018  X-rays taken.


The rabbit ate small pieces of apples and passed less than 10 faecal pellets and was syringe fed Critical Care from Jul 30 to Aug 1, 2018. Oral baytril and meloxicam were given for the past 2 days.

It was too risky to her health to put her under anaesthesia for tooth extraction. This was explained to the owner. However, the owner came and wanted her back to feed the rabbit herself. The rabbit was discharged on Aug 1 at 6 pm. 


A normal rabbit's X-ray. Upper jaw has 6 cheek teeth. Lower jaw has 5 cheek teeth.
                                        Upper jaw has 4 incisors. Lower jaw has 2 incisors.
                                        The front of the first row of the upper incisors is slightly infront of the lower incisor as seen in the X-ray. So there is no malocclusion.


Jaw abscess

Molar spur


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