Thursday, January 25, 2018

3344. A 25-year-old red-eared slider vomits blood.

Fresh blood from the tongue ulcerations seen. Anoexia for a few weeks.

 DAY 1 of in-patient (Dec 26, 2017)

 DAY 3. Necrotic ulcers in tongue, over 50% tongue surface and bleeding. Not eating for a few weeks. At first, ate fish meat and prawn meat, instead of pellets. Soon stopped eating. "Vomiting blood" = consulted Toa Payoh  Vets

Pred and baytril plus 6 ml dextrose saline, Vit B12 given on Day 1 and 3 SC.

DAY 10 (Feb 4, 2018) shows tongue ulcers heal well as shown in images below.

The slider is still not eating the pellets on her own. Syringe fed 3x/day daily.
Weight on Day 1 - 1.85kg
                 Day 10 - 1.79kg
Lost 600 grams but tongue ulcers heal well.
It is a strange case as to why she got the oral ulcers in the first place. Could it be a sign of systemic disease like kidney disease?

DAY 13



DAY 16. Tongue ulcers are much smaller. Still anorexic on Day 16. Syringe fed.

Admitted Jan 26, 2018         1.8kg
Jan 27    1.8kg
Jan 28     1.8kg
Jan 29  - 31      1.76kg
Feb 1 & 2         1.8 kg
Feb 3 - 6            1.79kg
Feb 7 -11            1.8kg  Tongue ulcers heal almost 90%. Still not eating pellets.
Syringe feed 100 pellets + Critical Care +Nutripet per day (3 feedings).

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