Tuesday, November 20, 2018

3357. Day 3. A red-eared slider has swollen eyes and stopped eating

Nov 20, 2018.

The slider is lethargic. Eyes were swollen when brought in 2 days ago.

We are syringe feeding with Critical Care and multivitamins. So far, she has no appetite.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

3356. Singapore fitness park - no cars seen - rare occurrence. Nov 19, 2018 9am

Monday Nov 19, 2018. 9am. No cars

3355*****. An 11-year-old Lab Retriever has a yellowish pus discharged from the vagina

I received a phone call early at 9 am.
Lab Retriever, F, 11 yrs
"Not eating for one week. Very thirsty. Passed  brownish stuff.  Is she going to die soon?"
The owner brought the dog in the morning today.  Not much pus seen at the consultation table. Abdominal palpation did not elecit pain. No abdominal swelling, uterine swelling or bladder stone. Small amounts of bright yellow pus is seen oozing out from the private parts on examination.

Small amount of yellow pus was seen leaking from the vagina in small amounts during examination. Not obvious in the images.

Overnight, the dog passed out copious amount of pus and blood.  Blood test show bacteraemia and lowered red blood cell count.

The dog is washed before sending home with antibiotics and pain-killers after 2 bottles of IV drips and antibiotics.

Day 2 images


3354. A guinea pig has a bloated abdomen

TP 50661

Nov 19, 2018   
Guinea Pig, F, 3 yrs
Anorexia and constipation for 2 days.

X ray

Gas in the stomach. 

Good bodily condition
Bloated abdomen