Saturday, November 11, 2017

3185. Rectal prolapse in dwarf hamsters

Youtube video


Unusual case of rectal prolapse. The hamster is still active and eating and pooping via the prolapsed rectum (evidence - see below). The prolapse was double the size of usual rectal prolapse. I ward him for 2 days and gave antibiotics.

On Day 2, lots of yellowish pus spilled out from the prolapsed rectum. The rectum itself had a large abscess. You can see the scab closing the wound of the abscessed area.

On Day 3, the hamster went home. He bit off the stitches, but no prolapse.  Around 4 days later in Nov 15, 2017, I phoned the owner. There was no rectal prolapse at all. The outcome was excellent.

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  1. Hi i got my hamster Grayson yesterday from petSmart and this afternoon(day after) i noticed a huge clump of blood from it"s bottom please tell me what it is and how i can help.