Monday, October 30, 2017

3179. A 4-year-old Exotic Shorthair has black pigmented corneal ulcer (sequestra) in the left eye

Right eye had similar black ulcer on upper half. A vet had removed it and replaced the area with a corneal graft.


A few months ago, the right eye had a large black corneal ulcer. 
The left eye cornea did not have ulcerations or black pigmentation.

A vet did a corneal graft on the right eye.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

3169. Dry eyes in a 14-year-old Jack Russell - keratoconjunctivits sicca (KCA)

Sunday Oct 29, 2017

"The dog was a puppy when we consulted you," the man said. That was in 2003. Today, he had a left ear haematoma and two painful half-shut eyes with thick mucus and pus. The eyes were dry eyes. I checked my medical records. This 14-year-old male Jack Russell who moved his head whenever I tried to examine his eyes had a left eye corneal ulcer in 2012 and was treated.

"We went to other vets for treatment of the eye," the owner did not follow up with me. "But there was no improvement. Now the dog is blind."

"He had been rubbing his eyes," I showed a large bald brownish hairless circular patch around both eyes. "He has dry eyes in which tears are not produced sufficiently or not produced," I said. "This is a case of keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Now the cornea had been damaged badly due to rubbing and the dog is blind."

The dog came in for treatment of aural haematoma and had dental scaling.


Two basic causes
1.  Immune-mediated. Altered blood-tear barrier of lacrimal glands
2. Genetic.  Incorrect development of lacrimal glands e.g. Yorkshie terriers.

mucopurulent  strands of mucus, corneal ulcers, edema, melanisation and pruritus

Diagnosis and monitoring
Schirmer test
More than 15 mm/min - normal secretion
10-15                               suspected hyposecretion
Less than 10mm/min       hyposecretion
*In breeds with physiological ectoprion like Bulldog, a greater amount of tears is needed. Therefore high Schirmer test values may be insufficient. 

1. Clear ocular secretions e.g. lactated Ringer's solution or low-mineral bottled water
2. Moisture the eye - based on carbomer or hyaluronic acid. Both give prolonged effect.
3. Stimulate tear secretion - Tacrolimus in severe cases below 5mm/min
                                              Cyclosporine where Schirmer test values above 5 mm/min
.                                              These two are immunolators, ocular lubicrants and have anti-inflammatory lacrimomimetic effect. Review after 2 months.   

3168. X-ray red-eared slider anorexic 2 days

Oct 28, 2017

No egg binding as seen in the X-ray. Was adopted and so the age is unknown.

Suspect an infection but not respiratory infection.

Friday, October 27, 2017

3167. Fashion beret advert by Oaks, London in Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan

Large lightbox seen on going up the departure escalator on Oct 27, 2017


Other images seen on my last day in Japan
Airport eateries.
A girl wears fashion beret orders steak



Souvenir shop doll

Thursday, October 26, 2017

3166. Travel Stories - Fashion berets in Japan

Oct 26, 2017

Bright sunny. The typhoon had destroyed half of the flowers in Kuju Flower Gardens. So a 50% admission fee is given. We did not want to visit it. We went to the Aso City mountain to view the hills and valleys and the small Yufuin Floral Village.

Two shops side by side sold some non-wool fashion berets, displaying the 5 or 6 colours you had seen women wearing in my previous blogs. The first shop had poorer quality. Manufacturer of most of the beret is from China. In these shops, I discovered how the berets were worn to fit the head, without falling off.

In Yufuin Floral Village, there was an old thin lady in an art gallery wearing a light brown beret telling me, "No photos" as I was taking pictures of the sole artist she represented. Non-woollen and 80% woollen fashion berets were seen in younger women as shown below:    


Two shops in Yufuin Village sells berets.

Shop 2

No pure white berets. Elastic bands, inside ribbons to tie and rolled in bend were used to hold the beret in place.

In Aso mountain top, I saw one beret worn.  The other was a cap.

This area is peaceful, has clear air and was good for chantinng.

At a lunch place, I saw a young lady wearing a cloth fashion beret. Fashion berets
 are not taken off during meals. 

Checked into Suginoi Hotel in evening. Sulfur smell of air from various hot springs in this Oita prefecture. I saw a beret-like mist on the mountain top from my hotel.

 In conclusion, it appears that no pure woollen berets are available from the smaller shops. They sell around 1,000 - 1,500 yen and appeared to be the ones worn by the young ladies of Japan.


Other pictures.

Yufuin Floral Village is a small area which has English-themed shops such as the Owls from Harry Potter's novels, Heidi and the Beatrix rabbit. A Bengal cat cafe is present. It was started by a businessman in 2016. The roofs of the shops are so low such that you can touch it. It has expanded and takes some 30 minutes to explore by tourists in coaches.

A beret-like shrub seen at lunch area.

A small steakhouse next to a resort. Full house during lunch time. So we left. "Hills" remind me of a lady who runs a company called Hills .....This company logo looks like two berets?

Beret seen at Haneda airport