Saturday, October 31, 2015

2348. Two skinny old female, not spayed dogs

Sunday Nov 1, 2015

Bright sunny day with white clouds but grey skies. The haze is still there.
Another coincidence of two similar cases - two very skinny old female not spayed dogs.
DOG 1.
A lady in her late 30s brought in a very thin 12-year-old female, not spayed poodle X for vaccination.
"There is a thick sticky yellow discharge on the consultation table," I said. "It is likely to be pus from the womb."
Yet there was no visible pus from the congested vulval area and no abdominal pain. The dog was extremely thin.
"The skin disease needs to be treated first if you want the dog to put on weight. She must be infected and so became thin. Scratching all day and night would have caused stress and weight loss."
"Yes, I heard night scratching," the lady said. Today the dog had bald ear edges usually due to sarcoptic mange. Also black pigmented face, neck, elbows and sternum. Jet black.

DOG 2.
By coincidene, another lady in her late 30s consulted me about her very thin Shih Tzu. The dog had a big central corneal eye ulcer that happened around 5 weeks ago due to another dog scratching the eye. The vet had prescribed eye drops and e-collar but the dog simply took off the collar and so now the whole eye is filled with dried thickened exudate.  . 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

2347. An inspiration digital image - Sea of Monsters Exhibition at the Science Centre

Oct 29, 2015

A surprisingly great exhibition - The Sea of Monsters at the Science Centre, Singapore. The exhibits are moving and there is the feeling of being inside the deep oceans encountering the giants of the seas.

Some are born to be employees as there is security and organisation in the corporate world. Being your own boss is very risky. But this lady has what it takes to be her own boss, with her interest in meeting people, very high Jack Russell type energy and a ton of experience and network. Will she be her own boss or keep working for others?

Some images

2346. Email diagnosis: A dwarf hamster has a gigantic ear tumour?


Hi, I texted one of your colleagues regarding a hamster which I have adopted two days back. Two days back, I adopted two 1~2 year old hamsters from a friend who is migrating overseas. One of the hamsters has a super huge growth on the head where the ear is supposed to be. It looks super painful and uncomfortable.

Also, the hamster seems to be having watery stools and appears deformed. It's fur seems to be yellowish as well. My sister said that it is old, and would probably be better to be put down, but I wanted to check if it could be saved and live a normal life if possible.

 The two hamsters have been at my place for two days. I noticed the one with the huge growth does not seem to eat or sleep much. On query, my friend told me that he had brought it to a vet before when the tumor was smaller. The doctor said it wasn't advisable to operate as it was already old and gave him some ointments which didn't seem to work. He stopped after the fourth visit as the vet seems to be just visually checking the tumor.

He claimed that the tumor continued to grow very quickly despite the ointment and the hamster seemed to be balding, so he stopped administering the ointment to it. I have attached a picture of the hamster with its tumor. Please take a look and provide some advice on what I, or we, can do to help it. I may not check my email regularly, so please so text me at 9xx.

Thank you so much. Regards, J



 I am Dr Sing K Y. Thank you for your email. You posted one view. It appeared to be an ear tumour. If it is purely an ear tumour and the hamster is in good health, lit can be excised. If the hamster is sick (not eating, diarrhoea), the risk of dying under anaesthesia is high and so you have to decide whether you want to take the risk.


On Oct 31, 2015, a Myanmar lady living in Tampines brought in a 2-year-old winter white dwarf hamster with the gigantic ear tumour as seen in the above email diagnosis case. I was surprised at the coincidence of the two hamsters having the same surgical condition.  

"Why didn't you come earlier when the tumour is very small?" I asked the lady.
"It grows very big only during the last month," she replied.

Despite the high risk of death from anaesthesia, she consented to the anaesthesia and surgery. Dr Daniel operated after getting the informed consent and signing the form.

Anaesthesia was Zoletil IM and isoflurane gas. The hamster survived and went home. Post-op survival depends much on the health of the hamster.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2345. A 3-year-old female X-bred dog has an itchy smelly right armpit

Oct 27, 2015  7 pm

I was still at the office when a fair Chinese lady came into the clinic without an appointment. My assistant had gone home. She took out the previous computerised receipt of Dr Daniel's treatment for her dog's ringworm in Oct 13, 2014. She requested purchase of 2 tubes of anti-fungal cream.

The dog had been scratching her right armpit with the right hind leg and it had become smelly and she had successfully used this brand to clear the ringworm in 2014.

"Both of her armpits were losing hair and itchy," she said. "But now, it is only the right armpit."
"How did you apply the cream?" I asked as two tubes seemed to be too many as I had offered her one tube but she wanted two.

"I would entice her with some treats and speedily smear the cream onto her armpit," she said that the dog disliked being treated by her and would shy away whenever she saw the tube.

"When she ate the treats, she would dash away! That is why I had to quickly palm the ointment in the direction of the right armpit."

"You should give the reward of treats only after the treatment," I advised her to find another person to restrain the dog. "No wonder your dog quickly runs off after eating the treats. It is like paying a person before he starts work. No incentive to work hard since the person has been paid!"

"My dog is co-operative at the groomer to clip her armpit hairs. Very quiet, but she is a devil in my apartment!" the lady in her early 30s laughed. 

"If the cream is not properly applied onto the infected skin, the outcome will be poor and that is why the ringworm is still present," I said. "Email to me two images of the affected armpit."  Many owners are working and are reluctant to bring in the dog for a proper examination and prefers to get repeat medication to lower medical costs. So I understand the economics of the heartlanders.

"I was at home at 6 pm and saw the dog scratching her armpit furiously and so I came to the clinic to buy the medicine," the lady told me when I advised making an appointment. "My assistant had gone home," I explained that the younger workers prefer shorter hours at work nowadays.

I taught the happy bubbly fair complexioned lady how to treat this dog:
1. Put the dog on the table so she cannot run away. An assistant restrains the dog while she clips the infected area or ask the groomer to do it.
2. Wash and rinse the area with anti-fungal shampoo.
3. Dry and apply cream with a cotton bud. Best to wear gloves.
4. Give treats after completion of the treatment so that the dog will behave and look forward to the treatment.

I was in the office reading an article on Nuffnang, a blog advertising community of one million blogs. I do blog but has not bothered to monetise the blogs. That was why I was still in the clinic when the Chinese lady came in to buy the cream.

Netccenric was founded in 2006. It is most famous for Nuffnang. It also owns the online video advertising unit, Reelity and Churp Churp and other digital agency model business.  

Monday, October 26, 2015

2344. A full-collared Corgi from New Zealand

Oct 26, 2015 Sunday morning.

The lady in her early 30s had purchased a full-collared Corgi from a New Zealand breeder, importing into Singapore at a total cost of $3,500. She came in to spay the dog.

"Local breeders sell Corgis at $5,000!" she said. Singapore's cost of living had shot up but several of my clients and suppliers said that the market is very quiet and there is no business. An economic recession had reared its head.
The Corgi was 5 months old. I noticed that the vulval area was swollen and she kept cleaning the private parts till they were pigmented brown.

"Her heat is coming," I was told that this Corgi had championship pedigree. "If you want to breed her, do not spay her. Get the New Zealand breeder to give you the pedigree certificate. After getting it, register it with the Singapore Kennel Club so that the puppies have the certificates."

"I read in the internet that all 8 puppies of a Corgi died during birth," she was afraid that her Corgi would suffer the same fate if she breeds her.

"The deaths could be due to a failure to consult the vet before and during birth. The puppies could be stuck inside the uterus for a long time.  If a dam has too many puppies, an elective Caesarean section would have saved all puppies. A dam with 8 puppies would have a very big abdomen and would be a case for C-section."

Her friend has a champion male Corgi but is in China now. "It is better to mate at the second heat which will be around 7-8 months later. Get the dog pampers to wear when she comes on heat so as not to soil your apartment." She had a well designed white shiny floored apartment and I guess she wanted to spay the dog before the first heat."

In my opinion, it is best to spay the dog 2 months after the first heat so that she would have matured sexually. Too early a spay may lead to a very small vulval area leading to difficulty in peeing later. But it is up to the owner to decide as spaying can be done from around 5 months before the heat as in this pretty gentle Pembroke  Corgi with the golden coat. She had a very thin white strip between the eyes unlike the friend's male Corgi. But she is much loved and the owner decided not to spay her yet..  

2343. The economical vet and old non-neutered male dog diseases - tail gland diseases and circumanal tumours.

Oct 27, 2015

I recorded one case of tail gland disease in a Siberian Husky in 2009 as follows:

Today, another case of a male 15-year-old X-bred came in and was  seen with Dr Daniel in the afternoon . The owners said that their vet charges only $1,000 all in to remove the much swollen tail end tumour now infested with maggots. Many months ago, the vet had proposed tail amputation plus neutering but the owners did not accept the advice. The tail growth enlarged to the size of an orange and becomes infested with maggots.

The owner could not remove all maggots as the dog was ferocious and contacted me by sms.

I suggested a Tardak injection plus antibiotics and painkillers before tail amputation 1 week later so that the tail would not be severely inflamed and infected. Amputation of an infected tail end will result in very poor wound healing. But the father wanted surgery today - tail amputation which would have done away with the need for removal of maggots on the gigantic growth.

"He is only a cross-bred," the father said. "I don't want to spend $1,000 treating this case. I am looking for an economical vet."

Since he was guaranteed by the first vet that the total cost would be only $1,000, he decided to go back to the first vet. "If he is more expensive, I will come back to you. I am looking for an economical vet."

I had quoted him $500 for amputation of an injured not infected tail but this was a much longer surgery with complications.

Last 3 days,  I was seeing more older dog health problems  from new clients.

Two recent cases of circumanal tumours in a 13-year-old Siberian Husky and in a 12-year-old English Cocker Spaniel. The former was quite inoperable with 3 large circum-anal tumours. The latter had a 1.5 cm tumour which would be easy to operate and remove but the owner cited "anaesthetic risks of dying" and so opted for the Tardak injections instead of surgery and neutering.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

2342. A 14-year-old female dog has viral pneumonia after grooming - blood test for health screening

Octr 26, 2015

Maltese X, F, Not spayed, 14 years.
Not eating 2 days, lethargic, fever at 39.7C.
Watery stools and anorexia 2 days on Oct 21, 2015. Saw groomer who came with transport vehicle and had been grooming this dog for last 10 years.
"Harsh lung sounds," I had elicited coughing from this old dog much loved by the lady. "Possible viral infection at the groomer's 4 days ago. I need a blood test to be done."

Blood test on Oct 23, 2015.
Glucose 2  (3.9-6)

Total WCC  2.1  (6-17)
N = 1.7%  (60-70%)   Abso. 0.04  (3 to 11.5.)
L  29.3  (12-30%)   Abso  0.61
M 68.4%   (3-10%)  Abso 1.44  (0.15 to 1.35)
E = 0.5%
B = 0.1%

The blood test indicated viral pneumonia. The owner came early. An IV drip with antibiotic and tolfedine.

Dog recovered on Oct 25 but not 100%.  Recovery meant 80% appetite and up to her nonsense.
The other dog was lethargic for 2 days and had recovered earlier. Both went for grooming. It was great that the pneumonic dog did not deteriorate in health and had become more active after treatment.

This case shows that old dogs do get viral infection. Most Singapore owners do not bother to vaccinate their older dogs. It is surprising that this dog had a good outcome.
The dog was very thin and could have pyometra as her vulval area was swollen on Oct 23 (pus dripping, licking). Good ending.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

2341. A coincidence - circum-anal tumour in a 12-year-old English Cocker Spaniel and a 13-year-old Siberian Husky

Sunday Oct 24, 2015

The active Blenheim English Cocker Spaniel looks larger than the average seen. He has the face of a Basset Hound.  Male, not neutered, 12 years old came in as he had passed red blood in the urine yesterday.

"I palpated a golf-ball sized lump in the bladder area. It could also be an enlarged prostate" I said to the husband. "It is painless and an X-ray will be advised."
"However, the more important issue is that he has one small circum anal tumour.  It measures 3 cm across below the right side of his anal area.

"No wonder he takes a long time to sit down recently," the wife said. The husband said: "We don't want to take the risk of him dying under anaesthesia. Is there an alternative treatment like medicine?"

So I gave Tardak 2.5 ml SC to bring down the size of this small tumour.Will it disappear since it is detected early?

By coincidence, yesterday, I had another case of 3 circum-anal tumours in a Siberian Husky, Male, 13 years/ The owner decided to operate it but the whole area is infected. The owner had consulted 3 vets before me. The 3rd vet did a biopsy which showed hepatoid adenoma. This test and surgery cost her $1,000. He quoted $2,000 for surgery. The owner consulted me. I told her that the tumours needed to be clean before surgery and there would be no skin to close up the anal wounds as there were 3 large tumours - two on the left and one on the right upper area of the anus, very close to the anal opening. Tardak and painkillers were effective for the past 3 days as the dog did not bite the tumours closing bleeding.

2340. The Husky has 3 circum-anal tumours

Oct 24, 2015

Husky, Male, 11 years, 17kg.

According to the owner
lst vet did not "diagnose" it. It was a small tumour.
"Inexperienced and young," the owner said.
2nd vet did not want to operate on it as the tumours had ballooned. So he refer to the 3rd vet.
3rd vet cut a portion and sent it to the histology lab for analysis. Circum-anal tumour, hepatoid adenoma. This cost $1,000. The surgery estimated to be $2,000. The biopsied tumour became inflamed and itchy. 

Before Tardak injection. Inoperable now.

That is how I became the 4th vet as the backside tumours were bleeding profusely all over the house. The owner came with the Clara, the pet transport lady to get the surgery done. The 3 tumours were infected and so the owners thought it was a simple surgery to cut them off.

"The tumours are large and very close to the anal opening," I advised operation and neutering to be 10 days later after a Tardak injection to shrink the tumours and medication for the infections. "It is not good for the dog to operate today as the bacteria will spread to the surgical wound, leading to stitch breakdown and a big skin hole hard to heal. You will have more medical costs and stress if the wound cannot close."

The owners wanted both neuter and circum-anal tumour removal today. The right undescended testicle was painful on palpation.

Tardak did reduce the bleeding. Tardak is an anti-androgen used totreat canine prostatic hypertrophy, circumanal tumours and modification of hypersexuality in the male dog. Some neutered male dogs still show hypersexuality.  It is delmadinone acetate and acts in at least 2 modes of acgtion:
1. by the inhibition of pituitary gonadotrophin release. The inhibition of ICSH (Intersittial Cell STimulating Hormone) restrains testes interstitial cell function and hence testosterone production.
2. by possibly affection the "behavioural sex centre."

Tardak given at 2 ml SC caused the tumours to shrink a bit overnight. The dog was sent home to save on medical costs. Wound cleaning and anti-fly powder need to be done at home. 10 days later, the owner will WhatsApp the image to me to see whether the dog can undergo circum anal surgery. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

2339. An owner's intuition that her dog's anorexia is not due to heart disease

Drinks a lot. Not eating for 4 days.  14-year-old male Cavalier King Charles.

"I don't think that the cause of my dog not eating for the past 4 days is due to his heart disease," the working lady had been giving her 14-year-old Cavalier King Charles Vetmedin and furosemide for the past 10 months.   "My dog's breathing rate is normal."

This dog had an unusually gigantic submandibular lymph nodes of around 5 cm across. Normal ones are not palpable. So, was there some bacterial infection of the mouth?


Urea 68.2  (4.2-6.3)
Creatinine 511 (89-177)
suggestive of kidney failure

Haemoglobin 9.2  (12-18)
Red cell count  3.9  (5.5 - 8.5)
suggestive of anaemia

Total white cell count 35.5  (6. - 17)  leucocytosis.
N 43.7%  (60-70). Unusually low. Abs 15.5 (3-11.5)  
L 49.6%                                          Abs 17.6
PCV 0.26 (0.37-0.55)

X rays showed enlarged left heart.

So, the owner's intuition is correct. The dog has kidney failure, accounting for thirst and anaemia.

For the past months, no blood tests were done as the owner came for repeat heart disease medication and wants least medical costs.

Oct 23, 2015

The dog had vomited and had diarrhea yesterday. He was very weak and was unable to stand up.
At 9 am, the owner came as a housecall would not be of any help to the dog as he needed an IV drip. He was not able to stand up. "Your dog is very old at 14 years of age. He has heart and kidney disease and septicaemia. Hence there was vomiting and diarrhea. The chances of survival are very slim."

The owner decided to take the dog home after the IV drip. The dog was not able to stand. As she held the dog home in her arms to cross over the overhead bridge to Potong Pasir, the dog had a heart attack and passed away in her arms literally.

She thanked me and Dr Daniel for the efforts in saving her dog.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2338. A separate waiting area for cats and for dogs in a vet clinic

Oct 21, 2015

Recently I spoke to Dr Daniel about the concept of a separate waiting area for dog and cat owners. When I review the travel pics of a vet clinic in Gap, South France, it has implemented this concept.

2337. A gentle 6-year-old female guinea pig has a doublel chin?

Oct 20, 2015

The busy working couple came at 6 pm with this 6-year-old guinea pig after making an appointment yesterday. I was talking to a dog owner who came to buy the L/D diet for his old female dog with liver disease and breast tumour.

For this dog owner, he had not wanted surgery when his old dog had a small breast tumour. He said he worried that the dog would feel very painful after the surgery.
"There are pain-killer drugs after surgery," I said frankly. "You were able to afford the surgery which cost around $300 to remove a small breast lump, but you proscrastinate." Sometimes, it is possible to be blunt if the vet knows the client well. It was just a fatal decision as the dog's breast tumours had grown and spread but no surgery could be done now as there was liver disease leading to very high anaesthetic risk.

Blood test had revealed liver disorder and so the dog was given the special liver diet L/D to prevent further liver damage. This dog had a very high anaesthetic risk as her liver was not normal and so no surgery to remove the breast tumour and spay was to be done.

As for this old guinea pig, the owners had to decide on operation. There is excess skin hanging down and the lump was soft. It could be a tumour or consolidated abscess. I will do the surgery today Oct 22, 2015 to incise and check what was inside this left chin swelling with loose skin.

Isoflurane gas only.Large lipoma excised electro-surgery by Dr Daniel. No histology.

2336. An 11-year-old Golden Retriever has a large ear tumour

Monday, October 19, 2015

54. An old Golden Retriever has a fast-growing ear tumour. What to do?

Oct 19, 2015 I got an email today. Dear Judy, Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to look at this email. I am writing to understand about the possible procedure that can be administered on my golden retriever.

He is a 11 year old boy and has got a large cyst/growth on his right head, near to the ear area (3cm In diameter). I understand from another vet that his condition will require him going through GA and he might not wake up due to his age. Therefore the vet suggested us to not do anything. However, the growth has been growing day by day and it is a worrying scene. I am hoping that you guys can assist to see if there are any possible medical treatment for him. Please see attached photographs for his Cyst/growth.


The young man's 11-year-old Golden Retriever has a large growing ear tumour. His family vet said that the dog was too risky to operate when consulted one month ago. "In my experience," he said, "Golden Retrievers live up to 15 year at the most. So risky to operate as the dog may die under anaesthestic." But the ear tumour doubled its size to a fish-ball now. The young man googled "veterinary surgery Singapore" or some words and consulted me. "It is risky if the dog is in poor health," I said. "If not, short surgeries are safe. Have you done as blood test?" "Yes," he said. "One year ago by this vet. Nothing abnormal." There is no guarantee of no-death anaesthesia in old dogs. So, he has to decide. "Presently, the ear tumour does not bother the dog," he said. "When it grows much bigger and ulcerated," I said. "The irritation and inflammation will cause the flies to buzz onto it and lay eggs forming maggots. The dog will be bothered."

I met the young man on Oct 19, 2015.
The family vet had warned him about death of old dogs on the op table and so the tumour, from a small pea size became a golf-ball size and he sought other vets via the internet and chanced upon Toa Payoh Vets.

"There are anaesthetic risks for old dog surgeries," I said. "However, old dogs with good health do not die from this short anaesthesia to remove the ear tumour. No vet can guarantee no death on the operating table. The owner has to make the decision."

The alert and active dog was small sized but his heart was good and his femoral pulses were strong. The rectal temp was 39.9 which was slightly higher

He decided on the surgery to be done today Oct 21, 2015. I operated on the dog after 2 days of antibiotics. 0.1 ml domitor + 0.15 ml ketamine IV and isoflurane gas maintenance. The surgery took around 17 minutes and the dog was smoothly anaesthesized.

Electro-surgery sliced off the big tumour measuring at least 5 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm. The owner did not want histology. 

Antisedan 0.1 ml was given to reverse th e effect of domitor. The dog woke up.The ear was bandaged and the dog went home with medication and painkillers.

Sunday Oct 25, 2015
I tel the owner. "Everything is fine," he said. "The bandage of the ear came loose on the  evening of the day of discharge." He will email to me the image.

Monday, October 19, 2015

2335. Daniel's images photoshopped

It took 2.5 hours just to edit and touch up the images. The time taken by non-experienced digital photographer will be terribly long.

Oct 19, 2105. Tripod stand took the images with late afternoon sun onto the actual prints.
Young people should learn digital photography seriously as memories once gone are lost forever if not captured digitally and posted in the cloud. Hard disk storage unreliable as they need to be warmed up and deteriorate over the years.

Only cloud storage in google and you tube are likely to last longer, in my opinion. I was surprised that the mummy had not thrown out the photo albums during the recent house-keeping .

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday's rare pets - A Chinese soft-shelled turtle and a pet fancy mouse as patients

Sunday Oct 18,  2015. Still hazy with sun obscured by grey clouds.

2 rare pets in Singapore seen today at Toa Payoh Vets. 

The younger generation in their 30s were the pet owners.  It was fun talking to the two types of owners and knowing more about the lifestyle of the pets. The information is shared in the images below and in the you tube videos.

Pet Fancy Mouse has swollen upper eyelid of the left eye. Why?
Hard to say but there was a much bigger room mate at 4 months of age and mature.
A territorial fight or accidental injury during grooming by the bigger mouse? I had the video of the bigger grooming the smaller one after the examination. The smaller one just kept still. So, was there bullying or not as the older one matures at 3 months and is now 4 months and will want
more territory.

One week ago, the tank water was very smelly and probably had much fetid gas. The water was usually changed every 3 days. So this Chinese Soft-shelled turtle could have been badly infected. He stopped eating. When given new brands of pellets, he ate but then stopped eating.

From the history, I suspected it was acute gastroenteritis, probably from poor pellet quality as Taiwan had a series of bad quality food scares last year, with re-cycled oil being used for sale as cooking oil.

"Are the stool quality and colour back to normal?" I asked.
"Yes," the young man said. "But very little."
This turtle dislikes being handled and splashed about. I could not see his small eyes since he usually hides his head showing his nose.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

2333. A tumour 3 times larger than the hamster's head

Saturday Oct 17, 2015 morning.

"Think about the high anaesthetic risk resulting in death on the operating table," I advised the father who brought in a 1.5-year-old Winter White dwarf hamster with a left chest subcutaneous tumour as big as a golf ball. Its size was 3 times the size of his head.

Such gigantic tumours send shivers down my spine if surgery is to be done as the death rate exceeds 90% in such cases, in my experience. Death could be post-operation as the hamster might not recover from the anaesthetic drug Zoletil given IM.

"What would you advise?" the father of the 10-year-old girl asked me. "To operate may lead to death. If no operation, the hamster will die of infection and breathing difficulty."

"I would have got the lump removed when it is very small," I said.  "For now, surgical removal is the only option as drugs will not shrink the tumour."

"The lump was small, but 2 months ago, it ballooned and grew bigger and bigger!"

The parents and the little girl sat in the waiting room to ponder over the fate of this hamster.
They decided to go for the operattion. Dr Daniel operated. The hamster had a large stitched area on the left chest to neck over 4 cm long!

Bleeding and more bleeding from the wound post operation. The hamster was barely awake when he went home to Pasir Ris in North Singapore as this was a day surgery.

FOLLOW UP ON OCT 18, 2015 11.30 AM
"The hamster slept the whole night," the mother answered my phone call. "Now he is running around, trying to scratch his itchy left neck. He could not reach the stitches as the loose neck skin prevented him from doing it!"
"Keep the wound very clean and give the medication," I advised. "It may recur as it is likely to be cancerous since it grows so fast in the last 2 months."
"Where will the tumour exist?" the mother asked.
"In the same area."
"When?" she asked again.
"As early  as 2 months after surgery. Observe for any small lumps."

"Pasir Ris is distant from Toa Payoh. Is there a vet clinic nearby?"
"No," the mother said. "We googled hamster tumour surgery and found Toa Payoh Vets' you  tube video of a similar case of hamster tumour operated. That is why we went to you."

This hamster is carefully and daily cared for by the little girl who is only 10 years old. Every day, she will clean up the cage and ensure that the hamster has food. This will be the reason that the parents decide to get the hamster operated.

Oct 19, 2015
I googled "hamster tumour surgery" and found the following:


2332. Singapore stories: The 76-year-old cardboard woman

Sunday Oct 18, 2015

"Can I buy you a cup of Ya Kun coffee?" I asked this sunburnt 76-year-old cardboard woman busily sorting out and flattening the cardboard boxes and piling them on the trolley. Cropped white haired, slim and be-spectacled, like one of those kindly grandmas we all love, she pushed her trolley past Ya Kun Cafe Toa Payoh Hub. That was where I just had my $4.80 breakfast of coffee, 2 bread spread with kay but without butter and two half-boiled eggs. I came to clinic early at 8 am to check on the 3-month-old kitten that had an operation and she was OK and decided to buy my Straits Times and drink Ya Kun coffee to keep me awake.

The haze blown by the strong winds from the forest fires in Sumatra had shrouded the sky, making it grey and the sun invisible.   

"Give me the money," she replied. I handed her a $10.00 note.
"Just $2.00 will do," she said she had coffee.
"Why do you need to work at your age?" I asked when she said she was 76 years old.
"I need the money," she was forthright.
"Don't your children support you?"
"My only son has not worked and even pester me for money!" she spied a Burger King employee carting a few cardboard boxes to the bin and left to intercept him. He gave her the cardboard boxes.
"How old is your son?" I asked her.
"He is 30 years old, but now he is working as a seaman. It is better for me that he is not at home (as he often asks her for money)."

At this age, it was tiring for her to wheel the trolley loaded with cardboard boxes to Toa Payoh Lorong 8 where the karang guni man will buy her goods more than once daily, she told me. The time taken would be over an hour. A full trolley of cardboard boxes may give her $3.00.

She appeared fit and had no dementia as she conversed with me in Cantonese and  English,. She could approach her Member of Parliament for some monthly assistance of around $200, but she had not done so. Perhaps she could work at Changi Airport to gather the trolleys if she was acceptable at 76 years of age. 

Nowadays, there is a trend that a group of young Singaporean couples do not want children. Other than the increased stress and financial costs, some adult children have no respect for their parents and cannot support the aged parents. Some even migrate to Australia and other countries.

Perhaps, this group is wise as they could have savings in their old age.    

Friday, October 16, 2015

Myanmar Travel Stories - Alms to monks and School Boat for children

Oct 5 - 10, 2015

Oct 5.  MAI to Yangon by afternoon flight

Oct 6. Ygn to Hinthada by car. A-Z Guesthouse reluctant to accept foreigners. Went to another guesthouse with no English name.

Oct 7. Hinthada. Lucky Guesthouse. Cooked Food to 2700 monks

Oct 8. Hinthada to Ygn. 4am rice to 2700 monks.
                                        River boat for school children living near river bank.

                                        Royal Golden View Hotel. US$55 for suite Room 206.
Oct 9. Ygn. Royal Golden View Hotel. US$55 for suite. $45 for ground floor near guest bathroom

Oct 10. Ygn to Singapore by morning flight

                                          4am  2,700 monks collect rice. Yesterday afternoon, they collected cooked food (meat, vegetables) from the same temple.