Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2320. A Fancy rat has a soft armpit mass

Sep 30, 2015

This rat had a gigantic breast tumour (left MG 3 to5) removed 2 months ago, but for the past month, she had a big right armpit swelling.

I could not palpate any breast nodule. Surgery showed a flat reddish soft tissue mass measuring 5 cm x2 cm which was unusual and rare. 

"This must be shown to the owner," I said. "Seeing is believing."

Even if the owner does not want to see it, the vet must show it.  The owner did not want hisopathology and this was written down, in case of complaints of incompetence and to satisfy the owner that the large mass had been excised..

The lady owner saw the mass kept inside a plastic bag.  Earlier, this specimen inside the plastic bag was discarded as Dr Daniel had said that the owner did not want to see it. I asked my assistant to retrieve it and show to the owner. I asked whether she wanted histology to check whether the tumour is cancerous or not. She declined. This advice was recorded in the case sheet.

Many young owners are internet savvy and some are suspicious of the veterinary competence.

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