Wednesday, February 18, 2015

1120. Peri-anal fistula or haematoma, anal sacculitis, or circum-anal tumour?

Dogs can't talk. So evidence must be circumstantial.

In this Golden Retriever with a pair of gigantic perianal swellings, I reviewed the video again.

1. Thickened pigmented peri-anal skin indicative of chronic licking or rubbing (scootering). They remind me of elbow hygroma or elbow sores in some big breeds. These are caused by licking.

2. Peri-anal laceration wounds x 2. May be self-inflicted by biting canines to relieve itchiness.

3. Bilateral symmetrical swelling below the anus and in the vicinity of the anal sacs. Possible right and left anal sac impaction and infection.

4. Dark creamy pus oozed out of the anal sacs.

5. Peri-anal haematoma, secondary to peri-anal licking and fiction. A needle should be inserted to check or in this case, I got both ventral ends lanced. Bloody fluid oozed out continuously for several minutes.

So, are these two swellings due to circum-anal tumours? I doubt it and so did not do a biopsy but treated conservatively by lancing and medication. On Day 4, the swellings have had subsided 30% and do this may really be an exaggerated case of anal sacculitis resulting in gigantic swellings, rarely seen in Golden Retrievers.

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