Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1117. E-book publishing on kindle - links

It is difficult getting a publisher, so e-book publishing platform on kindle will be the better way to publish your writings. I have the following info:

1. How to Format an eBook for Kindle

2 Kindle F8 format

3. Using Scrivener software instead of spending time formatting in MS Word

4. Five reasons I switched to Scrivener for all my writing (Michael Hyatt, ex Chairman, CEO, Thomas Nelson Publisher)

1. Hierachical file structure
2. Distraction-free composition mode
3. Created for writers
4. Supports multi-markdown
5. A variet of export options to blog (HTML), podcast for multi-markdown lists, books to Word, directly to PDF, Kindle, ePub, iBooks

Three productivity tools - Evernote (digital brain, not for writing), Nozbe (task management system) and Google Calender

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