Friday, April 7, 2017

3067. A 7-year-old female red-eared slider is restless, paddling, not eating. Wants to lay eggs?

Apr 7, 2017

Behaviour for over 7 days. Paddling of legs, loss of appetite, restless,
Apartment too small to have pool and sand area.
Suggested a sand box as nesting area and access to water for feeding. 
I advised oxytocin injection 2 days but owner wanted to wait and see. 


April 18, 2017    1.35 kg bodyweight.  Owner agreed to oxytocin 10 IU (1 ml) SC injection today.
                            Slider stretched out hind legs but did not lay eggs. Loss of appetite but active.
                            Soil and sand box given. No digging seen.

April 19, 2017     1.3 kg.  2nd injection of oxytocin 10 IU SC today. Advised Critical Care of 1 tablespoon/kg = 6 grams daily. Divide into 4 parts/day.  1 part of CC to 2 parts of warm water.
Syringe feed.     
                           Some sliders lay eggs in water. Provide a tank of water. Some lay eggs in soil and sand. But this is apartment living and there is shortage of space for water and soil areas.

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