Thursday, March 5, 2015

1134. Unbelieveable story: 15th day of Chinese New Year

Mar 5, 2015.

15th day of Chinese New Year is significant for traditionalist as it is the last day. I was invited to a family function to celebrate.

I had known the family for over 10 years and was once the family vet. When the Golden Retriever had lymphoma, there was a need for almost daily house call IV drip and attention as the owner did not want chemotherapy and the dog passed away after a few months. There was much emotional distress and the mistress consulted other vets. It took more than 2 years for the mistress to recover and invite me to her new year celebrations in December 2013.

In December 31, 2013, I celebrated the end of the year with the family on the invitation of the mistress. There was a strange incident in that everybody not residing in the house, except my wife and I left before 12 midnight.  The mistress did her annual prayers and prophesized that "those who stayed behind to welcome the New Year would prosper in 2014." I had rented a car for some months and the car number plate appeared first prize in the next 4D draw.   I had documented this incident with evidence of my car number plate and the 4D results. A $10 bet would give me $20,000 prize. The family members and I had small bets on this car number on the last draw before this prophecy. There was no wining. So we did not follow up. I do not bet 4Ds and so would not have pounced on the prophecy. If not, I would put $100 and win  $200,000.

In December 31, 2014, everybody stayed to welcome the New Year and I told the mistress that there would be no chance of winning 4D. She told me she did win first prize 1559 in Wed Feb 18, 2015 4-D draw. But it was famine for me and the other family members as we punted on our own numbers without a good outcome.      

This evening of the 15th day of the Chinese New Year, the moon was orange against the deep blue evening sky as I drove along Braddell Road to the house at 7.30 pm. My camera was not near me and so I missed a great shot of orange against moderately deep blue sky.  The orange is that of lighter Mandarin oranges. The blue is that of the pinafore of the Convent of Holy Infant Jesus student.

The dinner table was filled with food. I was surprised that the brother of the mistress told me he had suffered a stroke earlier but now had recovered much. He was the one who left without welcoming the New Year.

"I don't think it is stroke, but my family would not agree with me" the mistress suddenly declared to me at the dining table. "A man with stroke would be quiet. He was behaving like a very strong man. Two men (her brother in law and her employee) could not restrain him."
The two witnesses present nodded their heads in silence.
"Do you mean that he was possessed by spirits?" I asked.
This was surprisingly to me.  I don't know whether men who has stroke would exhibit super strength.

The brother had left before welcoming the New Year and suffered a "stroke" one month later. In the New Year, the family had a ritual of prayers for health and prosperity and he left early. So, he was not blessed by Providence.

One must be a believer to come to this conclusion.  In that year, the day after her prophecy that those who stayed behind to welcome the New Year would get prosperous, the first prize of the 4D draw was my rental car on the first draw after the New Year after the annual prayers.  I had recorded this episode in another story earlier.

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