Monday, January 5, 2015

1169. SCRIPT - A chelonian love triangle

Jan 6, 2015

JANUARY 4, 2015

"The two bigger terrapins were living peacefully together," the lady then introduced the younger one into the small tank. "They attacked the younger one and the tank was filled with blood. I had changed water and the reddish-brown water you saw in the tank was a second change of water!"

The small terrapin, 4 years old, male was bleeding and the owner brought him to consult me. "He had a swollen grey erect penis of more than 8 cm long by 1 cm wide. Most likely he tried to mate with one of the bigger terrapins in the small tank and he was badly attached in his penis.  

Dr Daniel pushed back the penis with a pair of forceps.
"A purse-string suture 3/0 nylon is best used to prevent the penis from coming out of the cloaca," I said.

JANUARY 5, 2015
Sutures taken out 24 hours after stitching. No more penis coming out.

JANUARY 6, 2015
Back to normal. The terrapin goes home. Overcrowding had caused shell injuries. This male terrapin would find a new owner. Readers interested, pl email or tel 9668 6468

This was the first case of traumatic penile injury. Love triangles in people can sometimes result in beatings or murder of the rival. It looked like the red-eared slider had been a victim in this love triangle too.

Rectal prolapse is more common. See images or videos.

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