Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday Mar 13, 2011's two interesting case

CASE 1. The case of pug with the swollen male private part.

The lady owner who has nursing knowledge apologised for phoning me on Saturday and said: "Remember my pug with the urinary stones? But now, my pug has a big swollen penis for some time. He could be humping. Is it serious? Will he recover with time? What is the cause? It can't be urinary tract infection as his urine is OK."

This is the type of question that is very difficult to answer. If I said yes and the pug self-mutilated his penis by further licking causing bleeding, I would get an unhappy owner who would lose confidence in my judgment. So, it was wiser to get her to bring the pug for examination and treatment to bring down the penile engorgement.

"I don't know," I said. "It is best to send the pug down for treatment."

The pug was still having the big swelling when the lady brought him to consult Dr Jason Teo who was on duty on Saturday. His injection brought down the swelling. I did advise collection of urine for analysis and hospitalisation for one day. It would be negligent not to do so.

Urine test showed no bacterial infection or urinary crystals with the pH being 6.5. However blood in the urine was 4+ (a lot) and there were protein casts.

So, what was the problem? Self-stimulation? Kidney trauma causing bleeding inside the urinary tract?

The dog developed fits during hospitalisation. So, could the dog have injured his penis when he had fits or penile engorgement due to fits? Since most fits have unknown causes, it was hard to say. I phoned the owner who had not witnessed any fits said: "So the cause was due to fits."

This was a strange case. I did advise neutering but she would not do it.

CASE 2. Left thyroid malignant tumour.
The couple had this Beagle for 15 years. When she was not eating properly, he sent to me for dental scaling last month. Then, last week, he showed me the video of the dog gulping and "snorting" after swallowing. A left throat lump, the size of a 50-cent coin

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